My little analogue princess..Diana Mini

The tiny shize shouldn’t fool you, because this little camera shoots big! A single roll of 35mm film will  last ages, so there are no excuses, you can shoot forever. 72 rectangular shots on one film lets you snap and snap and snap again! When you have finished snapping, you will load another film and restart the snapping process ad infinitum!

Let me tell you a little something about Lomography and the Diana Mini!

Lomography is life, light, love, lust, laughter, luck and many other words that don’t necessarily begin with L. More importantly Lomography is constantly keeping the dream of Analogue photography alive and making that dream a reality. In a time where our hard-drives are clogged with terabytes of digital files, film photography is a breath of fresh air and something that you can actually feel with all of your senses. (just don’t lick the negatives) Lomography is now a global community of people with a shared love towards the analogue snap-shot, the grain of film and spontaneous moments.

It was important to establish some rules that Lomographers could look at, be inspired by, follow or totally ignore..

  1. take your camera everywhere you go & whenever you go
  2. use it anytime, day or night
  3. lomography is not an interference in your life, but a part of it
  4. shoot from the hip
  5. approach the objects of your Lomographic desire as close as possible
  6. don’t think
  7. be fast
  8. you don’t have to know beforehand what you’ve captured on film
  9. you don’t have to know afterwards, either
  10. don’t worry about the rules

It’s been scientifically proven by a top of scientist working in a top scientific lab in a very important country on earth that some people can’t dance because their weight is incorrectly shifted by 235 grams in the wrong direction. This means bad coordination and therefore bad rhythm. The Diani Mini is precisely 235 grams (when loaded with film and flash) so if you wear it around your neck on the dance floor you will finally be able to look good when busting your moves. This new equilibrum will work as well in all general situations that require good balance. Another reason to take your Diana Mini everywhere you go!!

I luuuv it


Via Shoot Forever (Lomography)

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