Schrijvende vrouw en dienstbode

@ Vermeer Centrum (Delft) kun je het schilderij ‘Schrijvende vrouw en dienstbode’ levensecht nabootsen. Leuk om eens in een schilderij te kruipen^^


2 thoughts on “Schrijvende vrouw en dienstbode

  1. I don’t want to speak about the nice idea which the above picture is based on.
    I want just to give some suggestions (perhaps provocations) about what art could be.
    If we are speaking about art it should better have a clear idea (or vision) about what art is. Because that is totaly not clear nowadays… but a clear vision is necessary or we always run the risk to speak about everything and nothing as well… and that could be funny, but not artistic at all.
    Speak about art in the past (and for other disappeared cultures) takes us too much time. So, let’s focus on today. The issue is more simple than it can seems: ART is everything can reach a museum, or oneother generic place which is regarded as (like) a space for ART by the general culture and the social forces as well (reach a museum is not easy of course, but it means just only that: arouse great public interest). The other features is that the artistic object should be only (the first and not an imitation of)…but that is not always true. ART is a social construction (think about social spaces, material (museums or walls with graffitis on) and also immaterial (magazines, judgments by art critics, common sense). A son of this culture (this existential point of view) is that everybody can has an equal judgment about what ART is, but through this way we come back to the start: art is everything everyone fell (or is compeled to fell by societies forces and internalized common sensitivities…but that is another, harder, topic), so it is better we invent new words and everybody use a different word for ART… and finally we will not understand each other (it could be funny!, but not useful for life).
    Any way, I have not explained my opinion about “Art” and beautiful, I’ve just given the unconscious horizon where we are walking when we commonly speak of ART.
    Bye bye to each young artist!

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