How heroes become memorable

A lot of brands/companies have written scenarios, how to deal with disaster. It is called crisis communications. Damage control. But how many companies are ready for the glory days? How do you turn a good day into a memorable year?

How do you use a moment of success to make everybody love you and want you back for your next big moment?
That is what marketing is supposed to be about. Close the deal in a way they love you.  Marketing can learn a lot from real life heroes.

Take Iker Casillas. The luckiest man on earth last Sunday after the Dutch attempt to slaughter the Armada. He didn’t give some technical information on how he did it and how good he is.

He just showed us he is only a human being. And that is what will make us remember him for a long long time.

Via //cc @Heldenmerk


3 thoughts on “How heroes become memorable

  1. Great post. This video is great, but your comments gave me the opportunity to see this in a new way and to think about things just a little differently. Thanks.

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