Du vin, du pain et du boursin!

My parents, my twinsister and I had the pleasure of going down to Dausse (France) a week ago to meet up and stay with family. A week in Dausse was a welcome distraction as the weather in Belgium isn’t that nice lately. I swam, made a lot of apricot-confiture, played cards, ate delicious food and drank fruity drinks and cocktails and had an all around amazing time with my precious family. We truly came home refreshed and ready to face the world. (and the people here in Belgium could face our suntanned bodies ^^)

Breaking dawn

Anyway, while I lazed about near the swimming pool, I read the original English version of Stephenie Meyer’s ‘Breaking Dawn’. A book thicker than the bible, that’s 702 pages!! (I’m sure if you would hit someone with that book, he/she wouldn’t even survive it!) I never thought I was ever going to like her books after I had seen the first two Twilightsaga films. I must be the only girl *not* having a crush on Robert Pattinson. But everybody knows that the book is always better than the film so I gave it a try, and now….I’m an additct. Stephenie Meyer’s prose is brilliant and each and every one of her books is a real pleasure to read. It only took me 1 week to read ‘Breaking Dawn’.

It was the perfect escape- both the book and the holiday itself.



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