Hello again, Universe

you have two choices above as to where I would like to be teletransported today. I felt like giving you options might make it easier on you, as you didn’t teletransport me the last time I asked you. Also, while your at it, can you buy me a new bikini where I  might look totally awesome in? Oh, and if you wouldn’t mind wiping my memory clean of all of the things that I am supposed to do today, all of the things I was supposed to do yesterday and all of the things that I know I’m going to have to do tomorrow? That would make it a lot easier for me to relax and as you can see by the pictures, these are very relaxing places, aren’t they? Well, I think that’s all. Oh wait, just one more thing, could you make sure that they have a few drinks overthere (cocktails!!) with a cute little umbrella in them waiting for me? Oh, and chocolate cake. . . lots and lots of chocolate cake.

Thank ya!


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