TV meets web, meets TV: Google TV

A few days ago, at the Berlin IFA Technology Fair, Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced  that Google TV goes live in 2011. By the introduction of the product in May 2010, it became clear that America was on the planning for the autumn of this year. During the same fair, partner Sony showed its first Google TV: the ” Sony Internet TV Powered by Google.”


5 thoughts on “TV meets web, meets TV: Google TV

  1. so we should use a keyboard+mouse instead of a normal remote control?

    will never work here, telenet/belgacom will implement these things on their own way (actually they already have most of it)

    why would you like to see and show your ‘Personal’ information like mails, twitter, youtube account to all persons in the living room?

    a tv is not a pc (personal computer) it’s a shared device.

  2. ssssst you are ruining my comment. :p
    You are an exception, you shouldn’t watch tv in your bedroom! A bedroom is for sleeping and other stuff not watching tv ^^

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