Moon Magic

In a magazine, I recently read that people have around 5 nightmares each year. A stunning number if you know that I have a lot more nightmares than that(really!).

The bizarre thing about those nightmares is that I always have them when the moon is full. I also noticed that I usually suffer from insomnia, strange dreams, talking in my sleep,…all of this at full moon. I’d love to know the real reasons behind it. Does the full moon really affect our sleep, or is it just me being weird? And how about the cycles of the moon? I know that the moon pulls and controls the tides and we are after all 90 odd percent water so it’s got to affect us somehow, right? (Emotions and blood circulation for instance?).

Moon magic, I will never understand it.


2 thoughts on “Moon Magic

  1. I guess it was on NatGeo or Discovery Channel, a docu about the (full) moon.

    That people were more aggressive during full moon.
    Some police officers from a city in the USA have seen an increase of violence for the last months/years when it is full moon.

    To make a story short:
    When it’s full moon, there is more light. Ideal to hunt down enemies or killing other animals (because you have a better sight then the other darker nights).
    And because we are also ‘advanced’ animals we still have feeling for this. So this might explain it a little bit more.

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