Last wednesday, September 8, was one of those days that you wake up and within about 10 minutes you realize, this is just not going to be a good day. Nothing big, just a lot of little things that make you want to go to bed and just miss and skip this particular day.I don’t have a lot of these days, and when I have them, I usually try to fight them in my mind, tell myself not to get drawn in. There is still a lot to be grateful for and there is always an upside to things.

Unfortunately, the bad day won that day as I got a textmessage…: i lost a dear friend to cancer. A fantastic woman who I will never forget, she is (I refuse to type in a past tense) the mother of 3 good friends of mine. She gave it such a good fight and was so brave and although I struggle a bit with my own beliefs (does heaven really exist after all those phedophile-in-church-things going on here in Belgium??) I sure hope in Ingrid’s case it does. If there is anyone in the world that deserves a place like heaven, that’s you, Ingrid.


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