Let love in

I felt like it was time to share the love for all the things I adore and brighten my days.

Love the sun, love that winter is so so close, love dreaming of the most delicious food, love dogs, love the sea and the beach, love reading books, love my oh so pretty cookies that just came out of the oven, love travelling and learning to know people from other cultures, love love love my most amazing brilliant twinsister Jasmina for al the crazy things we already did and all the things we’re going to do in the future, love my family and friends more than anything in my entire being, love one of my best friends Natasha~ her hair, her voice, her craziness that is her…..can I keep going?

Love hot cups of strong tea, love new pens and fresh clean pages, love Gent immensely, love taking pictures, love buying clothes, love giggling with my best friends, love really crisp cold brilliant sunny mornings, love wearing scarfs, love making me up, love spending weekends with my family, ….

Ok that’s enough….I could write forever…
It’s so nice to remind yourself of the best things in life.




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