Here is a picture of my family’s dog, Tosca, when she was just a pup. My sister, brothers and I grew up with her and she is present in so many of our childhood memories. She loved eating, just like the rest of my family. And when I say “eat,” I truly mean eat.  She would just swallow big chunks of food without chewing on them! You can say that she was a true Burgundian dog that fitted perfectly in our family.

Yesterday, she suddenly couldn’t walk anymore. My parents and sister had to bring her to the vet. She was 12years old, and doing well, so it was a real shock for me when my sister suddenly called with the bad news that she didn’t survive the operation. I was lucky enough to see her the day before she died. We all loved her so very much and will miss her so greatly. It is hard to say goodbye. I didn’t know I had that much tears in my body to cry for my beloved pet.

We love you, Tosca!


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