Happy weekend

Happy weekend!!!

Oh it’s been such a weird, long week….wasn’t so well this week due to different circumstances, but I’m feeling a lot better now.  I had the sense that I was totally wedged. Do you ever get that feeling, when you are just wedged into a strange spot in your mind? It’s not the worst, it’s just…well, weird. Scary, right? Nothing to worry about, cause I just happen to be a really, really tough girl.

I even think I might be un-wedging myself right now, so I’m looking forward to feeling human and enjoying my weekend!



4 thoughts on “Happy weekend

  1. About the “really touch girl” part, I can only confirm. This girl is used getting bumps and bruises all the time! Her remedy: crash, burn, get up again and start wokking ;-)

  2. I’m not entirely sure that I get what you mean by “In the past”. So, are you saying that the girl learned from her mistakes? That she now knows how to get on the back of a bike? Or that from now on she takes the bike and leaves the taxi driver behind all by himself and defenseless? Judging from latest experiences, I tend to say that the second explanation is the most probable one!

    Lumière winks right back at you! ;-p

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