Facebook comes with Gmailkiller

Rumor has it that Facebook will launch its own mail service this Monday. With that mail service, Mark Zuckerberg and cs want to compete with the famous Google.  I am a very frequent user of Gmail myself, so I think they should at least offer the same features as Gmail does: the ability to import non-Facebook accounts,  a huge inbox and the ability to create documents and sharing them with your contacts. And perhaps  the most important feature: the mail service should be very well protected!

Facebook is competing with at least 180 million Gmail users worldwide, but the world has 557 million Facebook users. The new mail service from Facebook would come from disagreement between Google and Facebook. Via Gmail, you could import contacts into Facebook and Google thought that was not a good idea and blocked the ability.

We will see Monday! I’m very curious.


4 thoughts on “Facebook comes with Gmailkiller

  1. http://www.neowin.net/news/hotmail-yahoo-still-bigger-than-gmail
    Looks like Gmail is still smaller than other services.
    *proud hotmail user for already 11years* :P

    Imagine: Going to work for the first week and when they ask you your personal email address, “heey it’s …@FACEBOOK.com” I can see the smile on my colleague his face. He will laugh with me for sure.. and will not take me seriously when I will tell him some things.. lol :)

    I’m curious: if you could have a @facebook.com address, would you grab one? Would you grab one for just having it because you think it’s cool and new, while you already have one or more gmail and hotmail accounts?

    If you would grab one, what would be your reason? :)

  2. I am using Gmail for quite some time now, mostly for school & more professional mails. I imported my schoolmails in my Gmail account as that didn’t worked with my Hotmail account. I also prefer the Gmail design to the Hotmail design, and I think it’s much more easier to work with. Also the fact that all the replies on a mail appear in 1 line on my screen is a reason why I love using Gmail. Otherwise, you just feel overwhelmed by all those mails.

    But, I’m also using Hotmail (that’s my first ever E-mail adress). I use Hotmail for private mails. Most of my Facebook notifications also come to my Hotmail account. I think 2 different E-mail adresses is more than enough. If I would have another E-mail account, let’s say, a Facebook E-mail account, that would be just too much for me to control. It would take too much time ;)

    I think that I can conclude that tastes differ, isn’t it?

  3. yes tastes differ, thank god!
    I have some gmail accounts/ a hotmail account / a live account (= same as hotmail) / and some private addresses.
    I needed the gmail addresses so that I could register for some websites (which required a gmail account in the past)
    I have to admit, the design and usability is good from gmail, however every day I’m more against google.
    Hmm no not against, but maybe afraid of google is a better word.

    I’ll explain:
    I went with some friends on a holiday. I never googled the location or accommodation (center parcs) (off-topic: I prefer using bing). The only thing that I did was signing in to google docs, were a friend had placed a spreadsheet with stuff that we were going to need for the trip. I guess that the word center parcs was in that document. When I came back from holiday and surfed the web I went almost crazy. On every page that served google ads I saw ads from center parcs….
    I’m a member of several discussion boards on the web. There was this link for a ‘Go Pro’ camera (something you will like btw ;) ). I clicked on the go pro website ( http://www.goprocamera.com/ ) and checked some product details on that website. Again, when I checked some sites which serve google ads there was this advertising for “Go Pro”.

    Yet again they tracked me…

    Google’s CEO said that nobody needs privacy.
    Recently on the news:
    – Google admits it also stole emails and passwords

    Even major universities have dropped google (gmail) because they want better privacy. Like this one: http://www.informationweek.com/news/windows/security/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=224700847

    I don’t have anything against gmail or other google products. They work great but I don’t like it that the company uses my data and analyses me constantly (and even sells my data).
    Most people don’t know this: Google is originally an advertising company, today they are still an advertising company, and that makes me afraid.
    –> My data is their money.
    (read some books and articles about communities+statistics/mathematics+internet, the results/relations/thoughts/predictions/.. that you can get out of lots of data will make you go crazy).

    I could come up with more reasons why I’m afraid of giving up some of my privacy but hey… you will not care :p.

    well… that are some reasons why I don’t like gmail… erm sorry google.. :)
    (but I will not give up youtube héhé even if they track me every time I pay a visit to that site :) )

    (btw: I’m also getting more and more afraid of facebook :p )

    (ps: my English today == crap :)) )

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