Yesterday morning, as I frantically hurried out of my apartment to go to school, I stopped dead in my tracks as soon as my face hit the outside air.

It smelled cold.

Now, for some this distinctive scent doesn’t mean much, but for me it brings back a whirlwind of loving, romantic memories and hopes. I’ve fallen in love with all different seasons, but there seems to be something unique about the winter. I love it when you can actually smell the season. The smell of freshly cut grass in spring, the smell of the rain during the summer, the smell of fallen leaves in autumn and the smell I love most: the smell of cold air during the winter.

In year’s past, I remember being in my bedroom, peering out to the falling snow. It’s when the snow falls that you can hear the sound of the whole entire universe.   Those moments between moments, the distance from snowflake to earth, are like an eternity. It’s up to us to choose to fill those moments, that distance, with positivity and love, not negativity and hate.  I can’t believe why people would hate snow. Okay, it’s cold and a bit slippery, and okay, you might fall, but would you hate snow just because of that?

Think about the days when you get up and a) the sun shines , b) you peer out of your window and you see a landscape covered with snow. Instant happiness, right? Why wouldn’t you be thankfull and why wouldn’t you want to share the simplicity of sun, snow, rosy-cheeks and a hot chocolate together with some friends? While everything that nature bore is withering, something more inviting is always growing inside the buildings that protect us from all the conditions outside. People are gathered together around something – a fireplace, a Christmas tree, a cup of hot chocolate milk, or a table with lots of food. And regardless if it is literal warmth – there is something about winter that illuminates electricity. Somehow, when it’s cold outside, there is no better place to be than as close as possible to those you love.


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