My jeans no longer fit…

…And these sweet pastries are the culprit. Christmas was an amazing adventure in cooking. I almost forgot how good it feels to cook. And take photos. Two things I hope to do more of in the coming year.

Oh,  and I just want to say that I am blessed with the greatest family in the ENTIRE world. I will never tire of the chaotic holidays with them.  I feel like I’ve been smiling non-stop since Friday evening when I arrived at my parents’ place in Torhout. Sunday was also my sweet niece Anne’s son, Silas’s very first Christmas. He is so beautiful.

I’m so lucky to be overwhelmed by the people I have in my life.


2 thoughts on “My jeans no longer fit…

  1. mine neither! :-) thaha, luckily I wear pyjama’s or a jogging during “study-time”. I thank God he invented those kind of pants too.

    • THE solution: dresses! ^_^

      Haha, I also study in my “jogging”, soooo fancy *NOT*
      & don’t get me started about my hair ribbon. I can’t stand hair in my face while studying, so each piece of hair is carefully tucked away ;)

      Good luck girl!

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