2011 smells like awesomeness!

As I am sitting behind my desk, studying and waiting to get myself ready to close 2010 in a proper way (read: with some nice food and a party together with some of my precious friends), I find myself dreaming and recalling the year that’s passed. Of every year I’ve had (and that’s already 21), 2010was one of my very best ones.

The natural thing for anyone to do at this time of the year is to think about what happened during that year. Some people think about what they can learn from it. Some want to find out and plan what they are going to do in the months to come. I could go through a long list of all of the amazingdreams of mine that came true this year, how I obtained my very first diploma, how I started a blog that (when I look at my site stats) people actually want to read.  Even more easily, I could share the insight I’ve gained from the several trips I made, I could write something about my friends whom I learned to know even better, or the new friends I met during this year,  and I may also describe the pains that came with saying goodbye to the people and animals I adored.  But I’m not going to do all of that. (It would simply take me too long, and I’ve also got some studying to do for my exams in January).

But, right now, I have this sneaking feeling that 2011 will be even better!

What I’m looking forward to: my internship in Italy, my second graduation, making trips, trying out new recipes and especially enjoy life together with my family and friends,…

To everyone and everything who loves me, I hope it may also be your best year. Stop waiting for fateto take its course, for the stars to alignin perfect order, for everything to be symmetricaland ideal… and just start living.

Can’t wait to see what’s ahead for us in 2011.

With love,



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