Seriously, though . . . how nice does this bed look?

I saw this photo on and I immediately wanted to dive inside my laptop and get right into that bed. I just knów those sheets are like the perfect temperature, kind of crisp and soft at the same time. Take a look at the cover. Doesn’t it look like a big warm fluffy cloud that still weighs enough to keep you warm and give you that pleasant, protected feeling?

About that whole cover protection thing . . .Am I the only one who thinks that covers can protect you from all things evil and wrong?Am I the only one who actually feels like there is a big monster under my bed and that he will find me if so much as even a little tip of my toe is peaking out of the bottom of my covers?

(I don’t think so. I bet you feel that way, too.)

I also happen to have a really creative way of wrapping the blanket around me so only a minimal amount of skin is exposed and then just a bit of mouth and nose, which I use to breathe. Really handy if you have some mosquitoes flying around in your room, trying to wake you up with their annoying buzzing sounds. That’s during summer times. Of course. Not now. I even think that if I could actually breathe while totally engulfed in covers, I would.

(Update. I just got into bed. Yes with my laptop. And yes, I know that is sick.)

I’m not sure if you can see the time this is posted, but it is actually really late for me (01:08 AM to be specific). Lately, I am wide awake till a certain time of the night, even after midnight and even if I’m tired. And I don’t like it. (F*ck you, biorhythm!) The whole goal was to try to go to sleep at the same time as my roommates, but unlike them, I always get up early in the morning as I want to enjoy the whole day, and not just a part of it. We can already smell little bits of spring in the air and we have more daylight than a few weeks ago. So why don’t enjoy that? I prefer living during the period with daylight, and not just during the darkness of the night.  Due to this, I sometimes feel like a visitor or a housekeeper in my own house.

Oh. Hold on, I just got tired. Ok, I am going to embrace it, I guess. Quickly hit publish and then run into bed (wait, I already accomplished that mission) and hopefully drift off into a dreamy dreamland.

I apologize for not proofreading this post. Forgive me.




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