Up up and away: BCN lovage


Don’t you just love balloons?

I’m totally mad about balloons as I always have a special feeling when I see that egg-shaped floaty thing dancing across a blue sky. It captures a spirit of joie de vivre I just can’t resist.  Sometimes I just want to fly around with a huge bunch of beautiful pastel-colored balloons on my hands. Just like this girl. A great way to welcome spring! And guess what. Seems I’m not the only one with a balloon fixation. This trend is popping up (and yes, you can take that quite literally) everywhere. From magazine shoots to weddings, movies (I definitely want to see Le Ballon Rouge some day) and dinner party decor, they’re everywhere!

Jatoba Lucas also has a fascination for balloons. After spending three years in Barcelona, he had to left this beloved city. To be grateful to BCN in a special way (the guy is a creative art director after all), he let loose six balloons with a thank-you-note and theater tickets. Lucas filmed this great gesture and shared the little movie on the interwebzz.

Not long after that, travel and leisure agency Atrapalo and Lucas’ office Doubleyou saw the movie and gave Lucas a chance to do it all over again, but on a larger scale.

The beautiful result is shown below.

//via  http://www.lucasjatoba.com/

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