Almost there

Tomorrow is the big day!

At 01.30 pm, my twin-sister Jasmina and I will arrive at Milano (Bergamo) airport to live and work there (at McBrideDasty Italia -more information about this subject later) for about 2 months.

Of all the places I’ve always wanted to visit again, Italy tops the list. There’s something about the elegant and sexy way Italians talk, about how they manage to drink gallons and gallons of wine (and coffee!) like it isn’t such a big deal. Food and company are just meant to be enjoyed for hours beyond end. Don’t get me started about the endless amount of pastapizza, and bread and let’s not forget to mention the country is shaped like a shoe (a shoe!)- and only those little simple things make me long for my extended visit over there.

On a school trip 4 years ago, I already saw the most important things about what there is to see in Italy: Milano, Roma, Florence, Verona, San Gimignano, Orvieto, Assisi, Venice, Pisa, Lucca, Siena, Napoli, … . Now, I want to go a bit further. In my opinion, step one to really interact with Italians, is by learning the language. So, just as I’ve always wanted to do, I signed up for classes in the (hopefully) lovely city of Bergamo.

I don’t know much Italian yet, though I think I’ll be able to learn it pretty easily, because my roots lie somewhere in the Dolomites and because I love to learn languages. If not, Peter ” scusi, papi di poepie” Griffin Italian it is! (Still makes me laugh out loud every time I see the video)

Ciao Bella!

But the word I do know (no, it’s not “the bird”, you fool) is Ciao Bella and this will be my mantra for the coming months: always greeting myself and others with beauty and excitement, no matter what bumps in the road which may get in my way.

So, Ciao bella amanti, fino a domani! (Goodbye beautiful lovers – until tomorrow).

I’ll keep you guys up to date, and I pinkyswear that!

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

—  Saint Augustine


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