Ciao Bella Italia!

I love to travel.

Actually, wipe that. I love to sit in planes.

Because that is what I eagerly await when I know I’m travelling somewhere, anywhere if it’s in a plane….I could be going to the moon, but the thing that I would still think of as the most excited about it all, is sliding into my own little space inside that aircraft, unfolding my little airplane blanket (a.k.a. my scarf), fastening my little airplane belt, plugging in my little airplane headset and look outside the little airplane window. I am a freak….but this is what I love. Perhaps it’s something to do with being so high up.

I don’t know why, but whenever I take the public transport (as Ryanair has such cheap tix, I also count them to public transport), I’m out like a light as soon as I sit down. It’s always exactly the same pose: head back, mouth open and drooling ever so slightly. (A very high level of sexynessless.) Most of the times, I manage to lay my head down on my neighbours shoulder, who is mostly someone I don’t know. This goes like this: eyes fighting to stay open, the occasional isolated snore, sounding just a bit like a little surprised pig. (Not that kind of snoring that could surely register on the Richter Scale. I’m not like that.) And after that, the nodding starts and eventually ends on my neighbours shoulders.

This time, I didn’t manage to sleep as I was too excited to see what Bergamo would be like, how my apartment would look like, etc… When we arrived at the airport, a really nice lady named Cristina picked us up. She was holding a paper with our names on it ( just like the movies) and suddenly, I felt like a very important person. For one moment, I thought Cristina was a sort of incarnated superwoman, as she toddled around on 10 cm heels, carrying a 20 kg bag like it was a feather. She brought us to our apartment named La Cortenuova, which is very cosy and pretty.

Jasmina and I started our stay here with shopping. Not shopping for clothes, but shopping for food. Maybe this sounds a bit crazy, but I love to wander around in a local supermarket somewhere abroad. In my eyes there’s no better way to learn about a country than to aimlessly wander through the different rayons of a supermarket and have a look at all the different products.

After that, we did some real spring cleaning. We took all the pots and pans out of the cupboards and cleaned both.  It felt good to get everything organized. Afterwards, we filled the other wardrobes with our clothes, and when we finished, we rewarded ourselves with yummy pasta at Pasta&Basta, a little restaurant near our apartment.

Now that’s my kind of cleaning!


2 thoughts on “Ciao Bella Italia!

  1. OMG i’m sooooo jealous! First of all because you’re a damned good writer my dear little niece (and you are doing it in english!!) and second of all…you are in ITALY!!!!!

    Ok, verder in het nederlands voordat ik nog meer domme fouten schrijf.. Wou jullie gewoon even laten weten dat mijn poets-capaciteiten (haha..let op de woordspeling) best wel ok zijn, dus ik kom met plezier een handje helpen moesten jullie daar nood aan hebben ;))

    In ieder geval: geniet ervan en tot binnekort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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