Skippy our friend ever true

Ciao amici!

All I can say is that I’m just blown away by the beauty of Belissimo Bergamo. I feel like I have so much to share with you!

Our first week is nearly at its end and it really flew by. On Monday, Jasmina & I did a sort of “exam” to see what our level of Italian was for the Italian lessons. Turned out we are in the European level  A2, which is not bad at all for a non-Italian person! Maybe that’s because there is a little bit of “sangue Italiano” running through our veins, or perhaps we just got lucky. And this is why…

I already told you we spent 2 hours strolling around in the Dimeglio Supermarket at the end of our street. We eventually bought a lot of food, including some  “zucchini” (the Dutch word actually is “courgette”), chocolates (we are Belgians after all, right?) and we also bought some strawberry yoghurt. The funny thing is that there were a lot of food questions during the exam. Among them: zucchini, ciocolatto and fragole. (really!) Told you it was a good thing to visit a supermarket in a foreign country, didn’t I? Supermarkets, got to love ’em! As from next week, we will take the Italian lessons 3 days a week, always starting at 08.30 a.m. till 10.30 a.m.

As far as language goes, Italy has two of them: standard Italian and dialects. Standard Italian was created so that all Italians coming from the different regions could communicate with each other. Before this creation, everybody just spoke dialect, in other words: a regional language with its own vocabulary, own grammar, own spelling and own pronunciation.  Somebody from Bergamo and somebody from Naples wouldn’t be able to really understand each other if they were all speaking in their own regional dialects.  If somebody is speaking dialect in a movie or on the news, they even put subtitles in Italian so that people from other parts of Italy can understand. Well well well, that sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

After our inscription at the “scuola Italiano”, we had an introduction day with L., the HR Manager. She’s such a sweet lady! We also got our car keys that day. (yep, that’s true!) as it is a 15 minute drive to work from the place where we live. It’s a Renault Kangoo, and every time I look at it, a big smile shines on my face. Jasmina and I decided to call him/her/it Skippy, the (bush) Kang(ar)oo. So, when we sit in the car, we sing the Skippy song. (That’s lame. I know & I don’t care.)

The rest of the days we worked on a new organigram based on a Business Process Model and I also contributed in working within the Customer Service Department as a Commercial Assistant. My tutor’s name is C. and as L., she’s a very very warm lady. All the people at work (see picture above of the building) actually are when I think about it. We even got invited at the Finance Manager, A.’s home this Sunday to make some pizzas (piet-sas) together. How nice is that? Future omnomnom that is!

Tomorrow, we are gonna have some “apperitivo’s” with a few colleagues and after that, P. invited us to go & dance salsa in a latin bar. It feels really great to learn to know so many new people!

I can’t wait to tell you more!!

Love, Deborah, Jasmina (and Skippy)

PS: Jasmina and I are taking a trip to Milano next weekend. Though we’ve already visited Milano four years ago, and remember some places, I wanted to ask if some of my readers had any recommendations of places we shouldn’t miss? Things that wouldn’t necessarily be in the guidebooks, perhaps? We’re not really into the touristy stuff you know (when in Italy, act like the Italians do!)…

So, just leave me a comment if you have something brilliant to share! (Also the non-brilliant stuff can be shared, of course)


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