When in Italy, act like the Italians. Part 1: Learning Italian

So excited about my first Italian lesson ever tomorrow!

I’m a real communicative girl. When I lack something in some skills, I make up for it by…talking. Do you know what my special power would be if I were a superhero? Talking. Definitely. (Look over there. Up in the sky! It’s the Fabulous Miss Chatterbox! Oh, and I would be able to fly too. Of course) I talk until I fall asleep at night, and even then, the conversation sometimes continues when I’m talking in my sleep (guilty). So, let’s  agree that I just happen to be very good at it, but before you think I’m getting a big head, please let me also specify that I suck at plenty of things…

Being here in Italy makes it a little difficult to be very talkative, because I don’t have a grasp on the Italian language… yet. Of course, I can talk English and French, and I also think I’m becoming a real pro in talking with hand gestures. But  I prefer to talk the language of the country itself. I can already say a few things like “Hello” “How are you?” “Gelato” “Caffè” and “Pizza”. You know, the basics. But I think that the best way is to learn it “strada faccendo” (literally “doing the street”). That’s as I already said: in the supermarket, from colleagues, at the bar, on television,… I want to do the best I can because I don’t want to be the “silly foreigner with her cute little grammatical mistakes”.

So, do you happen to speak any Italian?


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