How were your last two weekends?

Mine were great! Really. Great.

I’ve been looking forward a lot to the past weekends.

Two friends and two cousins came to visit @JasminaDekrem and me. It felt so good to see them back and to show them all the beauty and sweetnesses of Milano, Bergamo and Verona. I felt like a real guide! Not that one with an umbrella. Not that one who tells all the history, but more like a guide who tries out new things on the spot. Every time I visit Milano for example, it’s a new little adventure. A new story.

As I like to keep things fresh and exited for myself, I decided to take new ways, to see new places. For example, when my friends C. & J. visited us, we went to Verona, Romeo’s and Giulietta’s city. When my cousins T. & A. came, we tried out a Polenta e Osei (a typical ‘dolce’ from Bergamo). The only thing I can say is that I l.o.v.e.d. it! If anyone of you readers wants to go to one of these cities, pleasepleaseplease take me with you.

I’d like to show you around.

Un mare di baci per i mia amici e mia cugine. Io vedo ti piace!


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