Miss Blue Sky

The sun is shinin’ in the sky, there ain’t a cloud in sight.
It’s a beautiful new day.
Runnin’ down the avenue, see how the sun shines
Brightly in the city on the streets

Especially with my blue flower dress as part of my sunny style. Hey, you with the pretty face, take a look at the darling details of this dress, it makes you want to sing a happy song!  It’s stopped rainin’ and everybody’s playin’, so I threw on this dress, took my Diana Mini and went for a day of shopping in the sun in Milano!

I’m also ‘pleased’ to tell you that I booked my ticket back home. As from next saturday, I will be spreading my love and stories about Italy to you. Be afraid. Be very afraid!

Such a weird word, isn’t it?
I am feeling ‘at home’ right now, here in Italy.
Let’s conclude that home is where the heart is, shall we?


2 thoughts on “Miss Blue Sky

  1. We kunnen samen op zoek gaan naar post-buitenlandse ervaringen psychologische bijstand. Ik wil hier ook eeeeeeeeeeeeecht niet weg!

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