Squirrel Sleeps

I usually have really interesting and funny dreams and I always tell people, while having breakfast together, what I dreamed about. It’s just this habit I have. For some reason, I found out that I dream more often when I’m in another country. It’s almost as if (because my body is travelling) my mind feels that it should do the same thing.

One of my weirdest dreams during my two-month-stay in Italy involved one of my friends, his house, a roundabout and some evil squirrels. It’s too complicated to go into now, but basically, the house was situated on the roundabout. I can’t quite remember how the evil squirrels fitted in though. All I can remember was that they were evil, and I was afraid of them. So, when I woke up in the middle of the night (the squirrels were running behind me), I noticed my sister was also dreaming. Her face kept twitching and, between some pauses of silence, she’s murmured “well this is the view of the lower city” and “yeah, it’s sunny today” and then, bizarrely, “here squirrel!”

Alright, she didn’t actually say that, but it would have been quite exciting if she did, wouldn’t it? But the weird thing is that she DID dream about squirrels that night. Not that she’d want me to tell you that, so do keep it to yourself.

With any luck, you’re not having that weird coincidence and can I say that I hope this blogpost sends you to sleep.

PS: Let me know if you dream of evil squirrels.


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