My city.
Sweet city.

This year (so far), everything was awesomely awesome and amazingly amazing because it was the year of Bergamo.  I fell in love with this city, with this place, that was my home for two monthsBut after my homecoming to Ghent, I realised that I really missed this city.  My city. Sweet city.

Now it’s time for me to focus on my future as in the next few months, my life will be changing. At this moment, I have already a small guesss (which has been getting bigger this week) but nothing is sure yet and everything can still change. The chapters I’m writing in the story that is my life, will continue to thicken as time passes by and I feel that a new chapter will start sooner than I might expect.

So, a brand new beginning in this ever evolving and ever-changing story. But whatever crazy journey this life takes on me, there is one thing I know will never change. And that’s that I love you, Ghent.

And I always, always will.


3 thoughts on “Ghent!

  1. fuck yeah!
    zelfde gevoel toen ik er gstrn en vandaaag rondliep. Maar toch nog zo’n erasmusblues, khoop dat snel overging.
    Trouwens ik ben driiiiiiiiiiiiiingend op zoek naar een perfect cookie recept om originele verjaardags-kado-koekjes te bakken…

    • (:
      We moeten dringend eens nen meetup doen ivm die erasmusblues!
      Kheb het ook zitten. Al zijn het bij mij internationale-stage-blues ;)
      Check je Facebook ivm cookierecept!

    • @erasmusblues: na meer dan 2jaar denk ik nog altijd terug aan erasmus, man was dat een leuke tijd! ‘k Denk niet dat dat rap zal overgaan

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