A farewell to a great singer

I hope you didn’t catch a tan, hop you find the right man, wo’ll fix it for you

Since Saturday, there has been written more about the “27 Club” and drugs than about Amy Winehouse’s music.  As if that were an interesting tidbit or an explanation for her far too young death. All this is superficial, but it is not as heartless as the comments that she has sought her own death because of her drug and alcohol abuse.

I’ve never been able to listen to the happy “Valerie” without getting goose bumps. Now Amy Winehouse is dead, a crop in my throat will join those goose bumps every time when I will hear that song again. Winehouse has made some great art out of her addictions and unhealthy life. This gave many people an excuse to only focus on those negative aspects of her life and this makes her death even more tragic as she will never be able to proof herself to write and sing new songs again at a point when she is healed.

And that’s a sin.


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