Do you know what time it is?

It is 3 hours past your bedtime!

I love sleep. Actually, who doesn’t? Sleep is mad good and power naps can really make my day. Hooray for naps, down with productivity.  Sleep is super important. Everybody knows that. But let me rephrase it… good sleep is super important. That’s better. It hits the refresh button on my brain and makes my face slightly less vampire-ish. A good sleep, is awesome. As I wrote you before, I go to bed at twelve o’clock, and I get up at six o’clock.

So, what’s my problem then? Well, the problem is something that makes my sleep hard to come by. The problem, my dear reader, is…the neighbours baby boy. To be honest, it’s not a baby boy anymore, it’s a 1,5 years old one and lately (ok, I admit it, it started about a year ago), that boy likes to keep me (and my brother and sister) awake at night. Since then, I got pretty used to baby crying, but last week, I had a night of only three  hours sleep. Three. Hours. The next day was a working day, so you can imagine that it wasn’t a very productive day.

My sister complained in a long letter, and we didn’t hear our neighbors for some time. But yesterday, we bumped in to the neighbors wife, and now I’m pretty sure the word ‘evil bitch’ was invented especially for her. If she could, she would have killed me with the look in her eyes. Her bloodshot eyes with a collection of puffiness collected underneath them, that is. Despite the fact that I’m sorry for her (and her husband), I don’t think it’s normal that I’m widely awake in the middle of the night, watching the ceiling and waiting to get up.


2 thoughts on “Do you know what time it is?

  1. Aiai, moeilijke situatie… Als het een troost kan zijn: de meeste moeilijke slapers beginnen tegen anderhalf/2 jaar meestal goed te ronken. So I hear tenminste, want wij zijn gezegend met een schone slaper. Nog even!

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