#wijvenweek Bitch please

Bitch please

I’m a happy woman. I can count on my very true friends. I’m the friend that gives advice, although it might not just be the words you want to hear at that moment. My glass is always half full and I try to make my friends feel optimistic with what ever they are going through. I have a wonderful family that loves and supports me each and every day in everything that I do. I am blessed.

In my opinion, true friends are never jealous and never try to compete with you because they should be busy being happy for you and for themselves. I cherish all of my friendships, male & female. But in the past, I’ve had problems with some jealous women and I think that’s somewhat sad. The women that have been very negative or competitive with me always had issues with insecurity and wanting to be liked.

I get clearly now that we all have some gifts that others might want. But everybody has some negative sides. Also my life hasn’t always been that positive. When I was about 15 years old, losses of dear family members followed each other up in a very short period. During those months, I wasn’t thinking of myself, but I always tried to cheer up other people around me. At this moment, I still have issues with saying goodbye to people I love and I am scared to start new relationships due to the stupid fact that I’m afraid to be left alone. But all turned out great, and I’m feeling quite good at the moment (:

But this isn’t today’s topic of #wijvenweek, the question is: how the fuck do you deal with jealous female friends? It’s quite simple, actually: refuse to play the game. Don’t act the way stupid women encourage you to act. Be smart and other women will follow you, and when you find them, stick to these ladies, because those are your real best female friends.


3 thoughts on “#wijvenweek Bitch please

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  2. Hey, I came across your blog by chance while looking for the image ‘Bitch please’, and I have to say at least from my point of view that women are normally generally more emotional and the tendencies to compare and feel insecure to others is quite normal.. However, it is not normal and malicious when they start doing something harmful to you due to jealousy- that,. is not right.. But perhaps this site can help you answer some questions- Celes writes great articles on achieving personal excellence in life, and this manifesto that she prepared maybe more specific to your blog post. I love following Celes’ blog, its so full of positivity, encouragement and great ideas.. http://personalexcellence.co/blog/naysayers-manifesto/

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