Diva city trippin’: Budapest


My sister @jasminadekrem and I are going to Budapest to relax and to try out the huge amount of coffee bars they happen to have over there.

Looking forward! (:


3 thoughts on “Diva city trippin’: Budapest

    • There’s this nice little restaurant called ‘Platz’ next to Szent István Bazilika. Make sure you try the Elderberrysirop lemonade, it’s delicious! I also recommend restaurant ‘M’ and ‘Kör’. Amazingly cheap dishes (especially try the duck dishes)
      Take your running shoes with you and go for a run around Margit-Sziget on the running track (to burn the calories you got from eating the duck that is ^^)

      • Many thanks! Since I am a vegetarian, will skip the duck dishes and will try out everything else you have mentioned. Cheers!

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