Music Monday: Gossip – A Joyful Noise

I’d love to stay and party, but I gotta go to work

At the very beginning in 2006, the band’s name ‘Gossip’ distorted my expectation of their music. I expected something more soft, or at least, something obnoxiously emo. But it was pure indie rock which my ears could enjoy.

When listening to A Joyful Noise, Gossip’s fifth full-length released this May, I find Beth Ditto stepping outside her indie rock comfort zone as this album is covered with disco glitter. My favorite song is ‘Get a job’. Not only because Ditto tries to rap, also because it really forces me to try to actual get a job. Yesterday afternoon, I finished my brand new Curriculum Vitae while listening to this album. And I am secretly very proud of the result. Shameless self promotion, ha! (:

Due to the overall sad lyrics, I notice a little love fracture. Ditto is (and will always be) a strong and mighty woman, but (honestly?) I’m afraid of her far too long nails. They remind me of the evil queen from Snow White. Yuk! Maybe she could start by cutting those things before actually try to get a new lover? Just sayin’! In the meantime, I will try to get a job. Wish me luck!

17/05: Update! I’m totally not up to date when it comes to lovelife ‘gossip’ (pun not intended!) Apparently Beth got engaged to her partner Kristen on 8th May and the pair are planning to tie the knot in Hawaii in June 2013. Joyful forecasts! (:

Gossip A Joyful Noise album cover

Psssst. I will have more fantastic music coming at you thanks to Enchanté & Sony Music Entertainment Belgium.

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