Music Monday: Santigold

Don’t look ahead there’s stormy weather

This Music Monday goes out to my ‘bitchezz’ M & A. We went to Oslo together with three friends during the last week of June and had an amazing week. I will never forget the overdose of coffee (as our hotel was situated on top of a coffee bar), the delicious kanelboller (addicted much?), the salmon which we already had during the breakfast, the mini BBQ at the park, the most beautiful guy alive at Rodeløkken kafe at the peninsula of Bygdøy who served the perfect carrot cake (true story), our random swimming in lakes + being discoverd by the local policemen (funny true story, as we didn’t know we were swimming in Oslo drinking water, bitches be crazy!), our roadtrip  including singalong songs of Santigold and Kanye West, the proposal on top of the Oslo Opera House during Midsummernight, …  I wanna go back!

This weekend, my sister will visit Oslo together with her boyfriend. I’ll try to convince her to bring me some kanelboller. YUM! (:


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