Music Monday: Florence + The Machine

Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air.

Last night, I attended Florence + the Machine’s amazing show at Lotto Arena, Antwerp, Belgium. I’m so loving the way Florence Welch blends murder, sweetness, poetry, mayhem, nautical moments, power and love into her alternative yet intoxicating lyrics.

Florence appeared behind a white wall as just a giant silhouette, making her entrance as classy as ever. She sang the opening verse of ‘Only if for a night’ and Lotto Arena immediately fell into her loving grasp, where we would warmly remain for the rest of the evening. Florence’s voice sounded so clear throughout the Lotto Arena sky that I can hardly imagine anyone of her contemporaries can claim the same, and that goes for performances too. Her enchanting dance style is about as magical as magical gets. Real, simple and wonderful.



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