I’m a fool for your belly


This one’s for Louis

Everyone loves a good mystery in the music industry. (think about Burial & Four Tet) Last year, a band called Rhye began posting recordings on the Interwebzzz. Information about the band was scare. The only pictures we got to see were promotional photographs about a woman’s bare back and a woman’s bare torso, but no images of the musicians themselves.

The music held its own little mystery, a seductive blend of jazz, indie-rock and electronic pop, covered with openhearted lyrics about love and sex. Reviewing the Rhye song “3 Days” Paul Lester, a critic for the British newspaper The Guardian, wrote: “The girl, female, really, she’s a woman, she’s lived a life, she’s been hurt, she sings in that hesitant, barely emoting way that suggests she’s exhausted.” But the singer is neither girl nor woman. Rhye, it turns out, is two indie-music veterans, both male: Robin Hannibal, a Danish songwriter-producer, and Michael Milosh, a Canadian songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and a singer.

They just didn’t want people to be focusing on them. They wanted people to really hear the music first, without any preconceived notions. I pre ordered their ‘Woman’ LP, which will be available as from March 2013,  just in case it would we sold out immediately (: It’s a pity their concert in Brussels is already sold out though…


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