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Loving this super adorable banana jam packaging. 

Ooh Ooh Ah Ah is all about fun, and Emilie Wildiers gets that point. In her small company, based in Belgium since 1985, she makes the most delicious jams, fruit jellies, syrups and marmalades. Her latest creations are banana-based jam recipes which are deliciously different. They’re a shareable delicacy for every member of the family, from choosy moms and dads, to the kids.

All jars are printed with cute monkeys on them (the No. 1 fan of bananas). The name she chose is unmistakable in any language. Say it out loud, and you can’t help but smile. “Nom-Nom” the monkey is not only the hero of the brand… he’s a new member of your family.

Curious about the delicious products of Emilie? To try them you will have to travel to Belgium because till now, that is the only country where they are sold. (lucky me!)

Designed By: Benji Peck. Agency: Peck & Co.


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