French bulldog

eddieI want a dog!

Lately, I’m considering the idea of taking a dog in the near future. The only problem is: I do not have a garden where the hairy quadruped can play in. Although there is a doggy-poop-park right in front of my door, which obviously is a nice bonus!

This weekend, my twin sister @jasminadekrem and I were cooking at @klijr’s homey home for @FlairBelgie. Her french bulldog ‘Eddie’ is the cutest dog I have EVER seen (except for Boo, of course ^^). Just look at his eyes!

Today, I found this video of Tillman, the skateboarding bulldog. Watch and be amazed!


Val Thorens 2011 – Pictures

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Snowboard lovage!



Snow is more than frozen water

This movie attempts to pay tribute to the colossal beauty of snowed mountains.
Music by Soi: “Ponkball”

via @EerhardTanghe

Longboard girls crew (Madrid)

Girls can ride! Via @GertjanTanghe

Check for more vids.

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