Family moments

This friday, three of my nieces came to visit me in Ghent. We had such a great time ^^


Say Something

What would you like to do before you die?
Say Something is a new city-project by an anonymous Ghent based person. He or she wants to create an open discussion among the Ghent-population. The open questions are on the posters, the dialogue depends on the different responses of the participants.

How does it work?
When you see a poster of Say Something in the streets of Ghent, you can answer the question by SMS or email. The most remarkable answers are posted on the Facebook page. That’s where I found this picture (and the one of Budapest which I posted a few weeks ago). I’m love love loving these new creative projects in this vibrant city.

I think I’ll put coconut-pineapple bowling on my to-do-list for this summer.
What a wonderful waste of time ^^



Yesterday evening, I went to my second Twunch.
Uhm, scusi?
A what?

Actually, a Twunch is a lunch together with people which are on Twitter. There are people you know and, of course, people you don’t know or of which you only know their Twitter name. A fun part of the concept, besides the food that is.

Yesterday evening, I went to a Twunch organized by Sony Music Belgium at Bar Buro, a temporary hotspot situated in Ghent. It turned out to be an exclusive pre listening to Miike Snows new album: Happy To You. I really like the first single “Paddling Out”, but also the rest of the album sounds very promising. Check it out here

While listening, we got some gooood nomz (salmon with rucola and chocolate sprinkels and a delicious moelleux au chocolat, as Bar Buro serves Chocolate Bar Quetzals’ chocolate products) and drinks.

Looking forward to my next Twunch! (:

Run bitch. Run!

I lately discovered that running is a very effective way to smooth the rough edges on my stress profile.
I also learned that I am a little ‘bitchier’ when I don’t exercise for more than a week. (Self-knowledge is the beginning of all wisdom, isn’t it?)

When I need some quiet time, I put on my Asics and walk out the door. I sometimes run with my iPod, but most of the times, I remove my ear buds and listen to the wind in the trees, while I think about my breathing. Gent, the city where I live, has a great culture and night life, but it also offers kilometers of quiet & smooth roads on which to run.

I can really enjoy the solitude of a run (:

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Café Labath

My new favorite place in Ghent?

Café. Labath!

Why? Well, maybe it’s because of the fact that I really miss good coffee. Or maybe it’s because this place is only a beautiful 10 minute stroll away from my place in Ghent. But the fact is that my sister and I could actually spend HOURS on end in this place!

I had this longing for a beautiful cosy crowded coffee bar near my home where I can snuggle in with a hot cappuccino and stay all day long. My prayers have been answered (:


Cappuccino Star & BunnyBunnyEspressoCappuccino

Café Labath, a set on Flickr.


My city.
Sweet city.

This year (so far), everything was awesomely awesome and amazingly amazing because it was the year of Bergamo.  I fell in love with this city, with this place, that was my home for two monthsBut after my homecoming to Ghent, I realised that I really missed this city.  My city. Sweet city.

Now it’s time for me to focus on my future as in the next few months, my life will be changing. At this moment, I have already a small guesss (which has been getting bigger this week) but nothing is sure yet and everything can still change. The chapters I’m writing in the story that is my life, will continue to thicken as time passes by and I feel that a new chapter will start sooner than I might expect.

So, a brand new beginning in this ever evolving and ever-changing story. But whatever crazy journey this life takes on me, there is one thing I know will never change. And that’s that I love you, Ghent.

And I always, always will.

Snow is here

The view when I looked outside this morning. #lovage

OR, liquid black gold

OR Espressobar (Koffiebranderij Or) is besides a place where you can drink really (really!) good coffee, also a very pleasant place to sit and watch the people passing by. The interior, with wood and beige tones, is cozy and makes you want to stay. Even if you’re alone and you’ve forgotten your book, you can choose from the wide range of magazines or newspapers to keep you busy.  There is also a wide selection of cakes, in collaboration with Julie’s House, probably one of the best pastry shops in town. (Delicious!) Morning people can go to OR from half past seven, to take their caffeine shot on the way to work. Also important is that the waiters are very friendly.

I visited this brand new Espressobar (which is situated in Walpoortstraat 26, Ghent) last Wednesday with my sister and two friends, all coffee-lovers. Three years ago, one those friends used to live around the corner of this bar, so he was quite disappointed that he no longer lives there.

I tried the Nutty Latte, as I  a.d.o.r.e.  latte’s! (made by @Benjaminvs , it was delightful!)


Where the heck does the time go? I didn’t post all week. I’m sorry. I had all intentions of posting and then somehow . . .pouf . . . the time was gone. This might be due to the fact that I have barely seen my apartment as I was totally enjoying my first week in Ghent and wanted to meet up with a few friends after a long summer :) The time just flew by! As from next week, I will be having less and less time because of the school tasks and stuff. I also told myself to sport more than last year, so each monday I will go for a run with my lifeguardfriends (or that’s our intention). Besides the running, I want to start swimming again as that really clears your mind and I just love being surrounded by water.

Time flies, so hang on tight!

Back to Ghent!

LovelyGhent .

It’s the last week of my 3-month-long summer holiday and I must admit that I’m kinda excited about the new academic year. The Banaba International Business Management (sounds good, doesn’t it?) is this year’s brand new challenge for me. A new school, new people, new teachers and a lot of new subjects to learn about. I really wanted to study another year cuz I’m a bit of a studious person, I just like to learn new stuff (such as marketing and languages.) and there’s nothing wrong with that, is it?

I’m also looking forward to the fact that I’ll be spending more time again in Ghent. LovelyGhent, as I like to call my favourite Belgian city. My sister and I went to Ghent today to clean up the apartment, and just being there (although I was cleaning) made me feel so happy. We also went to Fnac (one of my favourite shops, I can spend hours overthere and not getting bored at all). We bought some new books as we are planning to buy some bookshelfs for the living room, to make it a bit more homely.  One of the books I bought is Held en Merk (that’s Hero Brand in English), written by Guillaume Van der Stighelen (one of the co-founders of Duval-Guillaume, a Belgian  idea-centric communications agency.) I started reading the first chapter at Hema while I was sipping from a delicious Hazelnutcoffee and eating a chocolate brownie. Yummèh.


Yesterday, I watched the football game (Germany-Spain) at St. Baafsplein in Ghent.

As I couldn’t see the big screen that well, I looked above me instead.

A nice view!

Sunset in Gent

A nice view,

A few drinks,

And lovely people

Summertimes in Ghent

Why I love Ghent

Ghent has the best orange skies in the world…(part 2)

Why I Love Ghent

Envoi, het gedicht van Hugo Claus dat vertaald werd in het engels door de Gentse band Absynthe Minded. De clip toont beelden van de Coupure en de Blaarmeersen. Vooral leuk omdat ik in de lente/zomer ook langs deze plekken loop en er iedere dag fiets. Prachtig. (Hugo Claus 1929/2008)

Mijn verzen staan nog wat te gapen.
Ik word dit nooit gewoon. Zij hebben hier lang
genoeg gewoond.
Genoeg. Ik stuur ze ‘t huis uit, ik wil niet wachten
tot hun tenen koud zijn.
Ongehinderd door hun onhelder misbaar
wil ik het gegons van de zon horen
of dat van mijn hart, die verraderlijke spons die verhardt.

Mijn verzen neuken niet klassiek,
zij brabbelen ordinair of brallen al te nobel.
In de winter springen hun lippen,
in de lente liggen zij plat bij de eerste warmte,
zij verzieken mijn zomer
en in de herfst ruiken zij naar vrouwen.

Genoeg. Nog twaalf regels lang op dit blad
hou ik ze de hand boven het hoofd
en dan krijgen zij een schop in hun gat.
Ga elders drammen, rijmen van een cent,
elders beven voor twaalf lezers
en een snurkende recensent.

Ga nu, verzen, op jullie lichte voeten,
jullie hebben niet hard getrapt op de oude aarde
waar de graven lachen als zij hun gasten zien,
het ene lijk gestapeld op het andere.
Ga nu en wankel naar haar
die ik niet ken.

ENVOI (Absynthe Minded)

My verses stand gawping a bit
I never get used to this
They lived here long enough

I send them out of the house
I don’t wanna wait
Until their toes are cold

I wanna hear the humming of the sun
or that of my heart,

They don’t screw classically
They babble commonly
And bluster nobly
Enough! Enough!

In winter their lips leap
In spring they lie flat at the first

They ruin my summer
And in autumn
It’s girls and a broken heart

For another twelve lines on this sheet
I’ll hold my hand over their head
And then I’ll kick them out

Go and pester elsewhere
One-cent rhymes
Find somebody who cares

Go now on your high feet
This is where the graves laugh
When they see their guests

One corpse on top of the other
Go now and stagger to her
Whom I do not know
Enough! Enough!

In winter their lips leap
In spring they lie flat at the first
They ruin my summer
And in autumn
It’s girls and a broken heart

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