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Masterpiece plates

Architect/artist Hong Yi (aka Red) has been using a dinner plate as backdrop for posting elaborate food art on Instagram. Hong Yi, who also goes by the name Red, is an artist and architect who loves to paint without actually painting. This March, she decided to create a new image every day using food, posting the results on Instagram to keep her accountable. 

In addition, anyone inspired by the artist’s work is invited to post their own fun food photos on Instagram too. Hashtag your mashed potato mountain with #creativemarch, but considering the gauntlet Red has thrown done already, you’d better bring it.


Music Monday: Andreya Triana

And even though I can’t see far
I hold tighter and draw the stars

This little story began, as so many things do in life, with a simple cup of coffee. One day, Japanese illustrator Tokomo Shintani decided to draw on her paper coffee cup, to make the most of her 30min coffee break. The result is a series of miniature caffeinated works of art that flow from Starbucks coffee cups.  Although I’m not a big fan of Starbucks coffee, I love the way how it inspires artists to use it as a medium. Hooray for coffee. And hooray for creativity! And here are some tunes to celebrate the new week:

Maddie the Coonhound

Awesome dog Maddie likes to sit on things. Click here for more pictures.

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Tik Tak is not dead!

I think I remember where my love for geometric visuals comes from. Tik Tak absolutely ruled my childhood! So psychedelic & arty. Nice work, Digitalism.

Good books, great stories

Video for Good Books, the online bookseller that passes all its profits through to Oxfam.


Low-Commitment Projects: Sandwich Artist

Making stuff happen with little time and energy.

Each and every Monday morning of 2012, Brittany Powell and Tae Kitakata will post a quick art project on Low-Commitment Projects . This website provides them a chance to share concepts and schemes with minimal risk because they’re quick.

“Sandwich Artist”, was their first post. I’m already looking forward to their next idea.

La Primavera

Yesterday, spring (or la Primavera, as the Italians call it) started!

Therefore a blogpost about today’s two finest Italian Primaveras.

La Primavera I
La Primavera is not only the Italians denomination of spring; it is also the nickname of the first great classic of the cycling season: Milan – San Remo. Previously this race was ridden on March 19, the feast of San Giuseppe. Today, the riders start on the Saturday which is closest to March 19. Moreover, some racing fans do not speak of La Primavera, but La Prima Vera. To refer to the first real bike race of the year.

La Primavera II
La Primavera is also the name of one of my favorite paintings. Sandro Botticelli painted this lovely painting on the occasion of Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de Medici’s marriage to Semiramis d’Appiano. Therefore, the painting first hung for a long time in the bedroom of the couple at the Palazzo Medici. After they died, the painting went for centuries into the forgetfulness. This until the mid-nineteenth century, when La Primavera moved to the Galleria degli Uffizi (Florence), where it has been admired by thousands of visitors since then.
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Summer at L’Affiche Moderne

Loving L’Affiche Moderne’s selection of colorful, summery prints.



Schrijvende vrouw en dienstbode

@ Vermeer Centrum (Delft) kun je het schilderij ‘Schrijvende vrouw en dienstbode’ levensecht nabootsen. Leuk om eens in een schilderij te kruipen^^

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