Apple iPhone 5


The Apple iPhone 5 is finally here. We must all agree that it’s a little… different from its ancestors as it has the most radical redesign of Apple’s flagship product since its birth. We spot a larger screen, a different and larger shape (people already call this beauty “The Viagra Edition”), more features and new accessories. In addition to the iPhone 5, Apple also unveiled new iPods, a revamped iTunes and some brand-new earphones that will ship with every Apple portable product.

You can watch the keynote, that took place September 12 at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, in its entirety here


Low-Commitment Projects: Sandwich Artist

Making stuff happen with little time and energy.

Each and every Monday morning of 2012, Brittany Powell and Tae Kitakata will post a quick art project on Low-Commitment Projects . This website provides them a chance to share concepts and schemes with minimal risk because they’re quick.

“Sandwich Artist”, was their first post. I’m already looking forward to their next idea.

Illustrator: strawberry

This is the result of my first design work in Illustrator  *proud*

Do you like it? (:

Dear Deer

I’m not that kind of girl who loves to wear jewellery.

Most of the times, the things I wear are “unique” (or at least I think they are). There’s this portuguese bracelet I got from my best friend which I wear & I also buy my earrings in foreign countries, just to make sure that no one has the same. A few weeks ago, I  stumbled across a fun website (by accident) which sells lovely jewelerry.

Say hello to my brand new ring!

Come Closer

Come closer is a nice double pillow from the Dutch label Slaapaap. It is meant to let people sleep closer to each other and it is just slightly smaller than two pillows side by side.

More information?



Polaroid Coasters by Just Noey

Just Noey is a brand that makes very creative stuff with a high “I WANT!”-grade. See more original paraphernalia at the website.

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