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pave 4Ristorante Italiano

I’m looking forward THIS much to my next trip to Milano with Charlotte in May! It’s been a while since we diva city tripped together, so it will be a great opportunity to catch up. It’s hard to not talk every single day about what a beautiful country Italy actually is. Each two weeks, my Italian friend, Chiara, still sends me a text message to ask me how I’m doing. Talkin’ about a great friend!

Today, I came across this nice place in Milano on Pinterest (hey, follow me!) and I instantly cheered up when I saw the bright colours. This makes me want to visit Milano (although it will be my 7th time) even more!!



The pursuit of deliciousness

Totally my cup of…well…coffee!

If you’re into your coffee, then this really is the short film for you. Beautifully created by visual entertainment company Thrash Lab, the 12-minute video focusses on demonstrating how the magic happens every step of the way and what it takes to create the perfect cup.

In this episode of Subculture Club, Thrash Lab gives you an inside look at three of their favorite specialty coffee companies. They start off at the roasting plant for LAMILL Coffee, then visit the Oakland headquarters and cupping room for Blue Bottle Coffee Co. and then take you back to the roasting works at Handsome Coffee in downtown Los Angeles.

The things that happen in a coffee house are really magical! Watch and see how the taste, the look, the smell, the pour, the perfect cup and the traditional drinking experience of coffee is created by some of the experts in the business.

Intelligentsia Coffee

You taste so bitter and so sweet

I love love love these video’s from Intelligentsia Coffee, a since 1995 Chicago based coffee-roaster-retailer. Besides Chicago, they are also located in Los Angeles and New York. I hope to visit one of their Training Labs in New York or Atlanta for a cupping workshop while visiting the U S of A.

Saving up my money! (:

Mo Sistas: #Snorrewijven

deborah & jasmina wasbar gent

I moustache you a question but I’ll shave it for later

Movember (the month formerly known as November) is a yearly moustache growing charity event, held during November, that raises funds and awareness for men’s health issues. Movember moustaches were first grown in Australia back in 2003 and since that time word of Movember and its men’s health messages have spread across the globe. Since the beginning of November, tons of men were turned into Mo Bros. Along the way, they raised awareness and funds for men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer.

But not only men could raise awareness, also Belgian women were turned into Mo Sistas. Ghent based arty girl @Sstrid came up with a clever idea during Movember. She photographed each day women with a ‘Mo’ (slang for moustache) for her #Snorrewijven project, ’cause not only men can grow moustaches. Mo’gnificent. Check out the cappuccino milk foam mo’s that Jasmina & I created at Wasbar. You can find all the pictures of the Mo Sistas here.

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Music Monday: Andreya Triana

And even though I can’t see far
I hold tighter and draw the stars

This little story began, as so many things do in life, with a simple cup of coffee. One day, Japanese illustrator Tokomo Shintani decided to draw on her paper coffee cup, to make the most of her 30min coffee break. The result is a series of miniature caffeinated works of art that flow from Starbucks coffee cups.  Although I’m not a big fan of Starbucks coffee, I love the way how it inspires artists to use it as a medium. Hooray for coffee. And hooray for creativity! And here are some tunes to celebrate the new week:

Diva city trippin’: Budapest


My sister @jasminadekrem and I are going to Budapest to relax and to try out the huge amount of coffee bars they happen to have over there.

Looking forward! (:

A sunday afternoon…

…in great company (:



Yesterday evening, I went to my second Twunch.
Uhm, scusi?
A what?

Actually, a Twunch is a lunch together with people which are on Twitter. There are people you know and, of course, people you don’t know or of which you only know their Twitter name. A fun part of the concept, besides the food that is.

Yesterday evening, I went to a Twunch organized by Sony Music Belgium at Bar Buro, a temporary hotspot situated in Ghent. It turned out to be an exclusive pre listening to Miike Snows new album: Happy To You. I really like the first single “Paddling Out”, but also the rest of the album sounds very promising. Check it out here

While listening, we got some gooood nomz (salmon with rucola and chocolate sprinkels and a delicious moelleux au chocolat, as Bar Buro serves Chocolate Bar Quetzals’ chocolate products) and drinks.

Looking forward to my next Twunch! (:


Look what I got!

My very own write-it-yourself coffeebible for (home)baristas, coffee lovers or geeks. In the near future, I will write down al my sensory experience and objective observations of my favorite (and new!) coffee spots. You can buy this Coffeespot booklet (which is made by @nottooarty) here.

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