Nike Oreo Sneakers


Nike-Free-Run-2-Oreo-4Beware sneaker addicts and Oreo lovers

Nike introduces its upcoming Nike Sports Wear collection. Scheduled for January, the ‘Nike Free Run 2’ shoes will be inspired by the famous made in USA Oreo cookies. The sole with black speckles completes the Oreo look of this new pair of sneakers.

Perfect to go for a run after you ate a package of Oreo cookies (:



Maddie the Coonhound

Awesome dog Maddie likes to sit on things. Click here for more pictures.

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Palette Culinaire

Emilie de Griottes made these awesome Pantone food palettes. More pictures after the jump!

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Okay, that was embarrassing. (Music Monday: Bonobo)

This train is
But my heart is stationary

Every morning, when it’s still dark outside, I’m on my train, heading to Leuven. And every morning, I listen to one of my favorite albums. Lately, I’ve been listening to Bonobo’s Black Sands album almost every day.

So last week, when I was sitting on the train (headphones on, eyes closed, world off), I was listening to Bonobo again. After about half an hour, when the train conductor came by to get my ticket checked, I took off my headphones. Suddenly, I noticed my music was playing out loud. Like, really loud. Not like: I can hear the bass-loud. No. It was more like: I can sing along-loud. Um, that’s not normal, right?

The following happened: while putting them on, the cable to my headphones must have unplugged itself for some reason. When I didn’t hear the music playing (which was normal, because headphones mute the noises around you), I put it louder with the corollary that the whole train compartment I was sitting in, was listening to Bonobo together with me. While I was taking a nap. Ha! ^^

Pretty embarrassing, no?

Classic Deborah (:


Is it me you’re looking for?

My Lovemark: Nutella

This blog post is part of the course ‘Storytelling’ and is a homework for @DonFrodo. My first moment of opening a jar of Nutella is still painted in my mind. It made such an imprint in my mind and soul that I still remember the happy dance I did that day. That is why Nutella is my lovemark.

This is the story…

Once upon a time, there was a little Flemish girl who was fond of chocolate. Chocolate in all shapes and sizes. White chocolate in the shape of a tablet to nibble on out of your hands. Dark chocolate, which you can mel in a large mug of milk. Or Nutella, which the little girl smeared on her bread every morning.

Because she was still a little girl, her parents never allowed her to open the Nutella jar. With each new jar of Nutella that had to be opened, she secretly hoped that she could do it for once. Until the day her parents handed her over the large dark jar…

The girl turned the lid of the jar and shook it. She heard something rolling on the inside. As she carefully followed the instructions on the cover, an Idefix coin suddenly dropped out. She looked at it an proudly placed it next to her plate, and her large brown eyes wandered back to the jar.The golden piece of paper caught her attention. When she tapped it with her finger, it made a distinct sound, almost like a drum. She smiled and carefully tried to lift the golden paper in a whole by picking the right place to cut with her knife. Once she had the golden paper in her hands, she let her knife sink deep into the jar. A creamy chocolate-brown mass remained sticking to the knife. She slowly turned it around and put the knife in her mouth…

Years flew by and every morning, the Flemish girl remained faithful in putting Nutella on her bread. One day, when Idefix coins or other odds and ends no longer could be found in Nutella jars, the girl (who now was a young woman) decided to go and live for three months in the Italian hills of Bergamo. During weekends she went out to visit many other Italian cities. She tasted, besides embarrassing many Italian delights, among others: piadina’s con Nutella in mundane Milano Marritima, Nutella alla gelato at the Nutelleria of Bologna and brioche con Nutella in the centuries old Ferrara.

One day, when she was walking around in the bombastic Milano, her large brown eyes wandered again. This time she had a small grocery shop in her visual fields. An old man, his gray hair tightly combed back with gel, was busy carefully arranging tiny jars of Nutella (with a golden lid) on a shelf. The sweet memory of her first Nutellamoment bubbled up in her mind, just like San Pellegrino water. She went inside and immediately bought five little jars. With a smile on her face, she left the store and to this day, she still cherishes the little jars of Nutella.

Never underestimate the power of a great story…

This was Club Soda Festival 2011


Move Eat Learn

When it comes to homemade around-the-world video’s, I tend to lean towards the ones that are classic, simple and “awesome” (throw in a preppy monogram and I’m in heaven). We already saw Matt Harding dancing around the world, but when I saw this video from the Australian guy Rick Mereki, I was instantly smitten.

Rick made a 44-day trip with two friends (one of them is the actor). They visited 11 countries worldwide and came back with a huge amount of footage, all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food, into 3 beautiful compelling short films…

Here is one of them: Eat (of course).

Dour Festival 2011 #Dour2011

Dance together
Laugh together
Drink beers together
Eat fatty nomz together

6 days; 200 concerts; 160,000 music lovers; 35,000 campers and a whole lotta rain boots & ponchos.
This was Dour 2011!

In the beginning of the festival, the sun was shining and the music was good.
But then, it started to rain and the music (luckily) remained great.

Saturday, everyone was surprised by a big amount of rain. That it would be a flood of those proportions, could not be read from the rain radars. The outdoor pools swelled rapidly into little lakes and wherever I stood, wet people (sweat? the rain? urine???) were shoving their way around me. Little by little, the flood changed the solid ground into a giant mud flat. Because of that, the exodus to the campsite at night was more like a zombie procession of people dressed in ponchos and trash bags that were pushing and shoving their way through a seemingly endless mud flow.

But still. It struck me how much the audience could handle during those five days. The filthy toilets with no paper, bottlenecks, walking on slippery slopes, the distance between the festival meadow and camping site.
Everybody kept smiling & dancing like we just didn’t care.

Eventually the lovely sun pushed the rainy clouds away and all I could see were tired faces, dirty feet and an unmistakable grin on everyone’s face under a beautiful rainbow.

Rain also has its charms, isn’t it?

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Dour Festival 2011

Looking forward T.H.I.S. much! (:

Squirrel Sleeps

I usually have really interesting and funny dreams and I always tell people, while having breakfast together, what I dreamed about. It’s just this habit I have. For some reason, I found out that I dream more often when I’m in another country. It’s almost as if (because my body is travelling) my mind feels that it should do the same thing.

One of my weirdest dreams during my two-month-stay in Italy involved one of my friends, his house, a roundabout and some evil squirrels. It’s too complicated to go into now, but basically, the house was situated on the roundabout. I can’t quite remember how the evil squirrels fitted in though. All I can remember was that they were evil, and I was afraid of them. So, when I woke up in the middle of the night (the squirrels were running behind me), I noticed my sister was also dreaming. Her face kept twitching and, between some pauses of silence, she’s murmured “well this is the view of the lower city” and “yeah, it’s sunny today” and then, bizarrely, “here squirrel!”

Alright, she didn’t actually say that, but it would have been quite exciting if she did, wouldn’t it? But the weird thing is that she DID dream about squirrels that night. Not that she’d want me to tell you that, so do keep it to yourself.

With any luck, you’re not having that weird coincidence and can I say that I hope this blogpost sends you to sleep.

PS: Let me know if you dream of evil squirrels.

Val Thorens 2011 – Pictures

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Dear Deer

I’m not that kind of girl who loves to wear jewellery.

Most of the times, the things I wear are “unique” (or at least I think they are). There’s this portuguese bracelet I got from my best friend which I wear & I also buy my earrings in foreign countries, just to make sure that no one has the same. A few weeks ago, I  stumbled across a fun website (by accident) which sells lovely jewelerry.

Say hello to my brand new ring!


It’s official!

My twinsister and me are identical twins. For the first time in 21,5 years, a doctor could tell us this morning that we definitely are identical.

Cheers to that!

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