A sunday afternoon…

…in great company (:


Okay, that was embarrassing. (Music Monday: Bonobo)

This train is
But my heart is stationary

Every morning, when it’s still dark outside, I’m on my train, heading to Leuven. And every morning, I listen to one of my favorite albums. Lately, I’ve been listening to Bonobo’s Black Sands album almost every day.

So last week, when I was sitting on the train (headphones on, eyes closed, world off), I was listening to Bonobo again. After about half an hour, when the train conductor came by to get my ticket checked, I took off my headphones. Suddenly, I noticed my music was playing out loud. Like, really loud. Not like: I can hear the bass-loud. No. It was more like: I can sing along-loud. Um, that’s not normal, right?

The following happened: while putting them on, the cable to my headphones must have unplugged itself for some reason. When I didn’t hear the music playing (which was normal, because headphones mute the noises around you), I put it louder with the corollary that the whole train compartment I was sitting in, was listening to Bonobo together with me. While I was taking a nap. Ha! ^^

Pretty embarrassing, no?

Classic Deborah (:

A penny for your thoughts

I’m a morning person.
Actually, I might also be an evening person. Or maybe I’m just being a weird person.

I like to get up early and I like to go to bed really late. Those two moments make my day. Everyday. Knowing my day already has started before lots of other people’s days and knowing my day ends after most of other people’s days, makes me feel kinda special.

My day starts at 6 o’clock. That’s the time I get up. An extensive breakfast later, I find myself riding my bike next to the river towards the Ghent train station. This is my favorite part of the day.

During those bicycle rides, I love to wonder what stories are going on in the big old houses which I pass by. Peeking through the windows, I always see different scenes. From people having breakfast to people kissing each other goodbye, I like them all and I like to imagine the things they are saying to each other, playing with my imagination (:

Suddenly, I’m on my train, heading to Leuven. A city of which I pity I didn’t know it earlier. My train slices through Brussels and lots of green fields. I often close my eyes, but most of the times, I just sit there listening to music.

On those moments, my mind wanders off again. Looking through the window and watching the sun rise, I finally realize the day has started.

Lazy Sunday

What else to do on a Sunday?


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