I’m a fool for your belly


This one’s for Louis

Everyone loves a good mystery in the music industry. (think about Burial & Four Tet) Last year, a band called Rhye began posting recordings on the Interwebzzz. Information about the band was scare. The only pictures we got to see were promotional photographs about a woman’s bare back and a woman’s bare torso, but no images of the musicians themselves.

The music held its own little mystery, a seductive blend of jazz, indie-rock and electronic pop, covered with openhearted lyrics about love and sex. Reviewing the Rhye song “3 Days” Paul Lester, a critic for the British newspaper The Guardian, wrote: “The girl, female, really, she’s a woman, she’s lived a life, she’s been hurt, she sings in that hesitant, barely emoting way that suggests she’s exhausted.” But the singer is neither girl nor woman. Rhye, it turns out, is two indie-music veterans, both male: Robin Hannibal, a Danish songwriter-producer, and Michael Milosh, a Canadian songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and a singer.

They just didn’t want people to be focusing on them. They wanted people to really hear the music first, without any preconceived notions. I pre ordered their ‘Woman’ LP, which will be available as from March 2013,  just in case it would we sold out immediately (: It’s a pity their concert in Brussels is already sold out though…


Family moments

This friday, three of my nieces came to visit me in Ghent. We had such a great time ^^


It will get clearer
That’s what the weather gods said last night
This will all make sense in good time…
(or at least, that’s what I hope for)

Delay – Intergalactic Lovers

Wanted: a bella notte (or a tramp)

A really nice weekend

Chillin’ out with family, watching Black Swan, playing with our new dog,… A lovely weekend!

At my sweet niece Anne’s place, we had an overdose of yumminess by tasting the amazing Tiense ‘ijstaart‘, which is made from nougat & crème brulée  ice cream and blackberry sorbet.

Um, does anyone know how to time travel?

I’d like to go back.

Up up and away: BCN lovage


Don’t you just love balloons?

I’m totally mad about balloons as I always have a special feeling when I see that egg-shaped floaty thing dancing across a blue sky. It captures a spirit of joie de vivre I just can’t resist.  Sometimes I just want to fly around with a huge bunch of beautiful pastel-colored balloons on my hands. Just like this girl. A great way to welcome spring! And guess what. Seems I’m not the only one with a balloon fixation. This trend is popping up (and yes, you can take that quite literally) everywhere. From magazine shoots to weddings, movies (I definitely want to see Le Ballon Rouge some day) and dinner party decor, they’re everywhere!

Jatoba Lucas also has a fascination for balloons. After spending three years in Barcelona, he had to left this beloved city. To be grateful to BCN in a special way (the guy is a creative art director after all), he let loose six balloons with a thank-you-note and theater tickets. Lucas filmed this great gesture and shared the little movie on the interwebzz.

Not long after that, travel and leisure agency Atrapalo and Lucas’ office Doubleyou saw the movie and gave Lucas a chance to do it all over again, but on a larger scale.

The beautiful result is shown below.

//via  http://www.lucasjatoba.com/

New life!

Welcome to our family little Zarra.

PS: You’re so fluffy I’m gonna die!


Seriously, though . . . how nice does this bed look?

I saw this photo on vi.sualize.us and I immediately wanted to dive inside my laptop and get right into that bed. I just knów those sheets are like the perfect temperature, kind of crisp and soft at the same time. Take a look at the cover. Doesn’t it look like a big warm fluffy cloud that still weighs enough to keep you warm and give you that pleasant, protected feeling?

About that whole cover protection thing . . .Am I the only one who thinks that covers can protect you from all things evil and wrong?Am I the only one who actually feels like there is a big monster under my bed and that he will find me if so much as even a little tip of my toe is peaking out of the bottom of my covers?

(I don’t think so. I bet you feel that way, too.)

I also happen to have a really creative way of wrapping the blanket around me so only a minimal amount of skin is exposed and then just a bit of mouth and nose, which I use to breathe. Really handy if you have some mosquitoes flying around in your room, trying to wake you up with their annoying buzzing sounds. That’s during summer times. Of course. Not now. I even think that if I could actually breathe while totally engulfed in covers, I would.

(Update. I just got into bed. Yes with my laptop. And yes, I know that is sick.)

I’m not sure if you can see the time this is posted, but it is actually really late for me (01:08 AM to be specific). Lately, I am wide awake till a certain time of the night, even after midnight and even if I’m tired. And I don’t like it. (F*ck you, biorhythm!) The whole goal was to try to go to sleep at the same time as my roommates, but unlike them, I always get up early in the morning as I want to enjoy the whole day, and not just a part of it. We can already smell little bits of spring in the air and we have more daylight than a few weeks ago. So why don’t enjoy that? I prefer living during the period with daylight, and not just during the darkness of the night.  Due to this, I sometimes feel like a visitor or a housekeeper in my own house.

Oh. Hold on, I just got tired. Ok, I am going to embrace it, I guess. Quickly hit publish and then run into bed (wait, I already accomplished that mission) and hopefully drift off into a dreamy dreamland.

I apologize for not proofreading this post. Forgive me.



Snowboard lovage!



Out with the old, in with the new

“Happiness, the art of making a nice bouquet with flowers from your immediate surroundings.”
-R. Goddard
via sweetypie @fannymaen

It’s january 2nd and I just made my list of what this new year means to me in a brand new notebook that I got from my sister.

a new year. new hopes. new joys. new life. new travels. new relationships. new stories. new recepies. new ideas. new photographs. new experiences. new conversations. new reasons. new party’s. new todays. new tomorrows. new…

2011 smells like awesomeness!

As I am sitting behind my desk, studying and waiting to get myself ready to close 2010 in a proper way (read: with some nice food and a party together with some of my precious friends), I find myself dreaming and recalling the year that’s passed. Of every year I’ve had (and that’s already 21), 2010was one of my very best ones.

The natural thing for anyone to do at this time of the year is to think about what happened during that year. Some people think about what they can learn from it. Some want to find out and plan what they are going to do in the months to come. I could go through a long list of all of the amazingdreams of mine that came true this year, how I obtained my very first diploma, how I started a blog that (when I look at my site stats) people actually want to read.  Even more easily, I could share the insight I’ve gained from the several trips I made, I could write something about my friends whom I learned to know even better, or the new friends I met during this year,  and I may also describe the pains that came with saying goodbye to the people and animals I adored.  But I’m not going to do all of that. (It would simply take me too long, and I’ve also got some studying to do for my exams in January).

But, right now, I have this sneaking feeling that 2011 will be even better!

What I’m looking forward to: my internship in Italy, my second graduation, making trips, trying out new recipes and especially enjoy life together with my family and friends,…

To everyone and everything who loves me, I hope it may also be your best year. Stop waiting for fateto take its course, for the stars to alignin perfect order, for everything to be symmetricaland ideal… and just start living.

Can’t wait to see what’s ahead for us in 2011.

With love,


Sweet, merry & warm Christmas wishes

Christmas. Rhymes with: #kindness #sweetness #omnomnomness  & #lovage

All of this is in the smallest things around us. It is under the mistletoe or under the Christmas tree. It is in the eyes of my father & uncles who smile and laugh at the slightest joke, mostly the ones they make themselves, because that simply is what fathers and uncles do. It is in watching my sister & mom so thrilled to give me a gift they know I’ll love (& yes, I did love it).  It is in my brothers’ excitement as they open their Christmas presents before the actual day (how else do they always know what is in the present when they open it in front of us all, hmm…I wonder). It is my grandma’s (awful but funny) singing as she hears a nice song on the radio. It is everywhere.

Till about one hour ago, all you could hear was the whirling of the mixers and the timers going off in our kitchen. These sounds were accompanied with the delicious smells of sweet treats lofting in the air. I am proud to present you: Apple Crumble made with La mère Poulards galettes du Mont Saint Michel, Chocolate Cupcakes with a Vanilla Frosting and last but not least an Oreo Cheesecake.

You think that’s a lot? Well, that’s only the part my mom, sister and I made. The other sweets, pies & cakes are made by the rest of my family as we will celebrate Christmas for the second time tomorrow, with 27 lovely people. I’m already looking forward to it!

Just letting you know: In our family, Christmas is a synonym to “eat, drink and talk” a lot. I hope it is also like that for all of you.

Merry Christmas, from my heart to yours,

with love,



(P.S.: my dad just made me a yummeh ice cream & now we’re going to watch Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, how Christmas is that?)

Dear Deer

I’m not that kind of girl who loves to wear jewellery.

Most of the times, the things I wear are “unique” (or at least I think they are). There’s this portuguese bracelet I got from my best friend which I wear every.single.day. & I also buy my earrings in foreign countries, just to make sure that no one has the same. A few weeks ago, I  stumbled across a fun website (by accident) which sells lovely jewelerry.

Say hello to my brand new ring!

Let love in

I felt like it was time to share the love for all the things I adore and brighten my days.

Love the sun, love that winter is so so close, love dreaming of the most delicious food, love dogs, love the sea and the beach, love reading books, love my oh so pretty cookies that just came out of the oven, love travelling and learning to know people from other cultures, love love love my most amazing brilliant twinsister Jasmina for al the crazy things we already did and all the things we’re going to do in the future, love my family and friends more than anything in my entire being, love one of my best friends Natasha~ her hair, her voice, her craziness that is her…..can I keep going?

Love hot cups of strong tea, love new pens and fresh clean pages, love Gent immensely, love taking pictures, love buying clothes, love giggling with my best friends, love really crisp cold brilliant sunny mornings, love wearing scarfs, love making me up, love spending weekends with my family, ….

Ok that’s enough….I could write forever…
It’s so nice to remind yourself of the best things in life.



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