I’m a fool for your belly


This one’s for Louis

Everyone loves a good mystery in the music industry. (think about Burial & Four Tet) Last year, a band called Rhye began posting recordings on the Interwebzzz. Information about the band was scare. The only pictures we got to see were promotional photographs about a woman’s bare back and a woman’s bare torso, but no images of the musicians themselves.

The music held its own little mystery, a seductive blend of jazz, indie-rock and electronic pop, covered with openhearted lyrics about love and sex. Reviewing the Rhye song “3 Days” Paul Lester, a critic for the British newspaper The Guardian, wrote: “The girl, female, really, she’s a woman, she’s lived a life, she’s been hurt, she sings in that hesitant, barely emoting way that suggests she’s exhausted.” But the singer is neither girl nor woman. Rhye, it turns out, is two indie-music veterans, both male: Robin Hannibal, a Danish songwriter-producer, and Michael Milosh, a Canadian songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and a singer.

They just didn’t want people to be focusing on them. They wanted people to really hear the music first, without any preconceived notions. I pre ordered their ‘Woman’ LP, which will be available as from March 2013,  just in case it would we sold out immediately (: It’s a pity their concert in Brussels is already sold out though…


Album for life



In Flanders, more than 100,000 people suffer from dementia.

1 out of 5 people will get dementia in later life. And yet, dementia is still a taboo subject, something we would rather not talk about. Studio Brussel wants to put dementia on radar so that people won’t ‘forget’ the disease. From December 14 to 21, people can send their song for life to the radio station together with a memory glued to that song.

I once read the following sentence: In one life, it happens at most 7 times that a music tune is completely in harmony with the moment when it is heard. As if it was composed for that special moment and the corresponding song can  subsequently not be listened to afterwards without the memory of that perfect day that will never come again.

I’m happy to share with you the story behind my ‘Album for life’. Let me take you back in time to the summer of 2011. Imagine you’re at a long stretched Belgian beach, rays of sunshine are peeking through a sky that looks like the clouds are photoshopped on it. Picture perfect. You are an American tourist who sees two lifeguards, a young man and woman, sitting on the beach, listening to Bonobo and watching the sky. You walk a bit closer without losing sight of them.  In their eyes, you see little traces of profound happiness. You ask them if you can take a picture of them as they look so ‘beautifully relaxed’.

One year later, the young man who was sitting next to me on the beach that day, became my lover.  Listening to Bonobo’s album Black Sands still puts a smile on my face, and that will never change.

Happy listening (:

The beauty inside

A shapeshifter in love..

A man wakes up as a different person every morning. Until one day, against his better judgment, he falls in love. It’s an intriguing premise—not quite right for Hollywood, perhaps, where movies need one or two unchanging stars, but perfect for social media, where involving as many people as possible is the whole point.

Intel and Toshiba are doing just that with The Beauty Inside, an episodic social film starring Topher Grace, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and dozens of ordinary fans who auditioned via webcam to help portray the main character, Alex. The agency, Pereira & O’Dell, which made last year’s interactive suspense film The Inside Experience for the same two clients (thematically, both movies play off the classic “Intel Inside” positioning), saw great promise in a love story this time—particularly one about the fluid nature of identity, told through social media and in some ways a metaphor for social media. “Young adults have their online persona, and it can be very different from their real personality. So it felt timely,” said chief creative officer P.J. Pereira. It also felt fresh for the space—branded content is still dominated by thrillers and juvenile comedy—and a great fit for Facebook, which, at its best, is its own giant compendium of love.

“It’s an absolutely romantic story,” said Pereira. “I think that’s why people are so psyched about it.”

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A kiss for you

Che cos’è un bacio? 

 Un apostrofo rosa tra le parole “t’amo”.


It will get clearer
That’s what the weather gods said last night
This will all make sense in good time…
(or at least, that’s what I hope for)

Delay – Intergalactic Lovers

Shine on

Picture me & you


I dig my toes into the sand
The ocean looks like a
thousand diamonds strewn
across a blue blanket

I lean against the wind
pretend that I am weightless
And in this moment I am
happy … happy



Escena de amor entre pareja anónima #1

Just added to my inspiration files: these incredibly creative Polaroid “collages” by photographerJuan Felipe Rubio.  I just love how all the little images are combined to capture a complete mood… you can almost feel the moment happening!

Totally romantic!


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