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E grazie per i fiori!

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Merry Christmas


May your days be merry and bright.

How to catch Santa

how to cath santaPusheen knows!

Album for life



In Flanders, more than 100,000 people suffer from dementia.

1 out of 5 people will get dementia in later life. And yet, dementia is still a taboo subject, something we would rather not talk about. Studio Brussel wants to put dementia on radar so that people won’t ‘forget’ the disease. From December 14 to 21, people can send their song for life to the radio station together with a memory glued to that song.

I once read the following sentence: In one life, it happens at most 7 times that a music tune is completely in harmony with the moment when it is heard. As if it was composed for that special moment and the corresponding song can  subsequently not be listened to afterwards without the memory of that perfect day that will never come again.

I’m happy to share with you the story behind my ‘Album for life’. Let me take you back in time to the summer of 2011. Imagine you’re at a long stretched Belgian beach, rays of sunshine are peeking through a sky that looks like the clouds are photoshopped on it. Picture perfect. You are an American tourist who sees two lifeguards, a young man and woman, sitting on the beach, listening to Bonobo and watching the sky. You walk a bit closer without losing sight of them.  In their eyes, you see little traces of profound happiness. You ask them if you can take a picture of them as they look so ‘beautifully relaxed’.

One year later, the young man who was sitting next to me on the beach that day, became my lover.  Listening to Bonobo’s album Black Sands still puts a smile on my face, and that will never change.

Happy listening (:

Christmas Bucket List

An original gift!

This Twins Memory Game contains 30 pairs of identical twins. The game has the same mission as other memory games: rely on your memory and find the most appropriate sets of identical twins. But be warned: identical twins are not always completely identical! Believe me, besides looking for similarities, it’s also fun to look for the tiny differences.

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Ah. November. You are the month of haze & autumn leaves, covered with a bit of spirituality.

It’s good to think about life every once in a while. Therefore, it’s the perfect month to snuggle down with a good book. Today, I started reading ‘Echt’ (that’s Dutch for ‘Real’) from former advertising man Guillaume Van der Stighelen. He wrote this essay for the second edition of the “Spiritual Month”. I have been stuck with my nose in it for hours; it’s great!

The book is an exploration of our dealings with authenticity. Guillaume is using a pendulum, like the one you find in science classrooms, to describe his meaning of life. From being out of balance, you can find rest. That rest can be disturbed by a host of other elements that are also desperately seeking some kind of balance themselves. ‘Echt’ is a useful reference point for a world ruled by social networks and collective experiences. 

This book is shining a different light on how I think about spirituality and life.

Highly recommended.

Flair: what’s for dinner tonight?

Please, do try this at home

Dear readers,

I have some very exciting news to share with you. As from the beginning of December, my twin sister, Jasmina, and I will feature each week in a Belgian lifestyle magazine for women called ‘Flair‘ for wich we will cook easy and healthy dinners. 

Ever since we were little children, I remember us helping our father gardening. After his working hours, we could always find him in his garden, picking fresh treasures. We were always very glad we could help him with that. Afterwards, we learned the ways of cooking delicious meals with those garden fresh ingredients from our lovely mother. Nothing in the world beats that amazing taste of freshness. Therefore, we will try to make recipes with a focus on local and seasonal fresh ingredients + a taste of simplicity.

We will also recycle the food you basically have in your fridge, so that you don’t have to throw away those leftovers. Most importantly, we aim to introduce non-foodies to the joy of cooking and inspire foodies to try out our new recipes. The freedom we get from Flair enables us to share our passion for creating new dishes with food that inspires us. Delicious food does not have to be complicated nor unhealthy (:

We hope that you enjoy trying out our recipes as much as we had in inventing them.

Pictures by © Wout Hendrickx

Apple iPhone 5


The Apple iPhone 5 is finally here. We must all agree that it’s a little… different from its ancestors as it has the most radical redesign of Apple’s flagship product since its birth. We spot a larger screen, a different and larger shape (people already call this beauty “The Viagra Edition”), more features and new accessories. In addition to the iPhone 5, Apple also unveiled new iPods, a revamped iTunes and some brand-new earphones that will ship with every Apple portable product.

You can watch the keynote, that took place September 12 at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, in its entirety here

Skrillex, Reviewed By Cute Kids

Shout out to all my lost boys, BANGARANG! \ö/

1// Word first used in the movie “Hook” as a battle cry by Peter Pan’s Lost Boys.
2// This describes the ultimate in excellence.
3// Better than cool, rad or awesome. Saved for very special occasions.

Adorable tots and and toddlers were asked to give their honest opinion of  Skrillex’s Bangarang. Funniest answers were“This music makes me want to slap my sister’s fat bum”, “Daddy loves dubstep”, This song makes me want to go crazy. Like I’ve eaten lots of sweets” , “I think the ‘drop’ is when you drop being sensible” and “I dont like people who have piercings because it makes them look fairly chavvy”. 



Yesterday was my 22nd birthday.
Another magical year wiser.
But I must admit that I think there’s something special about being a twenty-something.

I became a twenty-something two years ago after my comfortable (but sometimes turbulent) teenage years. Still, I have plenty of teenage awkwardness, creativeness and weirdness in my body to keep offering the world some of my shiny sparks.

But yesterday, for some reason, in a moment, I was lost in thought.  Like I was having a sort of twenty-something syndrome. (Still not quite sure if this is/was a curse or a blessing though) Everybody keeps asking me what my plans are for the future. It is freaking me out. I don’t like to look too much forward, like a fortune-teller. I know what I want and I like my life, living it from day-to-day. Not a lot of plans that decide how my future is going to be like, but a lot of last-minute joys and tons of surprises instead.

Face it: this is the 10-year life span where my options are (almost) limitless. Where I will have the most opportunity to travel. Where I will look my very best. Where the decisions I make won’t weigh as heavily as my future choices might will.  I have no real obligations. I don’t live with or even have a boyfriend, so I won’t have to consider anyone else as a higher priority than myself. (But happiness is only real when shared, no?)  Nothing is keeping me in Ghent other than the fact that I love this city with all my heart. If I wanted to, I could  live abroad again for a certain period, without any concrete plans and meanwhile experiencing a new world and culture I’ve never witnessed before.

But then again, I find myself lost in thoughts. Like yesterday. I have no idea yet what my goal is. Or even if I have one. I don’t manage to find an answer on some questions.  But I know I will always have a small guess. And when I think of it,  I am sure I will land up where I am meant to be. Even if that is close or far away, alone or with somebody else.

I’m living.
I’m learning.
I’m loving.
I’m twenty-something,
and I love it.


Busy week

Busy week ahead! That’s exams and presentations. Again. I know >_<

Wish it were already Friday!

Furniture, got to love it

I broke my little toe.

No wait.

I guess I broke my little toe.

But how can one know if it’s broken or not? I mean, it’s so tiny. Yesterday afternoon, the door decided to hit it (and not vice versa) and I heard it crack a little. Now it’s black and blue and red and puffy, so I am wearing slippers instead of normal shoes.

Clumsiness. I haz it.

Picture via SansSouciCrea.

Hey self!

Yea me!

Nice one, self.

You always manage to bring out the best in me.


Oh, & I think this guy would really like me.

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