Pavè Milano

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pave 4Ristorante Italiano

I’m looking forward THIS much to my next trip to Milano with Charlotte in May! It’s been a while since we diva city tripped together, so it will be a great opportunity to catch up. It’s hard to not talk every single day about what a beautiful country Italy actually is. Each two weeks, my Italian friend, Chiara, still sends me a text message to ask me how I’m doing. Talkin’ about a great friend!

Today, I came across this nice place in Milano on Pinterest (hey, follow me!) and I instantly cheered up when I saw the bright colours. This makes me want to visit Milano (although it will be my 7th time) even more!!



Strawberry morning beauty

strawberry smoothie

Beautiful Budapest

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I wanna go back! ><

Diva city trippin’: Budapest


My sister @jasminadekrem and I are going to Budapest to relax and to try out the huge amount of coffee bars they happen to have over there.

Looking forward! (:

A sunday afternoon…

…in great company (:



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