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Opening Credits

I started watching two new series lately, Mad Men and True Blood.
What really struck me was that I happen to like the opening credits of both series very very much, even though their content differs a lot. The warm colors, the typography and the music match each other perfectly.

Highly recommended.



Paris vs New York #2

I’m a hipster!

Escena De Amor Entre Pareja Anónima #3

Escena de amor entre pareja anónima #2


Last wednesday, September 8, was one of those days that you wake up and within about 10 minutes you realize, this is just not going to be a good day. Nothing big, just a lot of little things that make you want to go to bed and just miss and skip this particular day.I don’t have a lot of these days, and when I have them, I usually try to fight them in my mind, tell myself not to get drawn in. There is still a lot to be grateful for and there is always an upside to things.

Unfortunately, the bad day won that day as I got a textmessage…: i lost a dear friend to cancer. A fantastic woman who I will never forget, she is (I refuse to type in a past tense) the mother of 3 good friends of mine. She gave it such a good fight and was so brave and although I struggle a bit with my own beliefs (does heaven really exist after all those phedophile-in-church-things going on here in Belgium??) I sure hope in Ingrid’s case it does. If there is anyone in the world that deserves a place like heaven, that’s you, Ingrid.

TV meets web, meets TV: Google TV

A few days ago, at the Berlin IFA Technology Fair, Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced  that Google TV goes live in 2011. By the introduction of the product in May 2010, it became clear that America was on the planning for the autumn of this year. During the same fair, partner Sony showed its first Google TV: the ” Sony Internet TV Powered by Google.”

Add some color to your life 7.

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Add some color to your life 6.

Add some color to your life 5.

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