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I’m looking forward THIS much to my next trip to Milano with Charlotte in May! It’s been a while since we diva city tripped together, so it will be a great opportunity to catch up. It’s hard to not talk every single day about what a beautiful country Italy actually is. Each two weeks, my Italian friend, Chiara, still sends me a text message to ask me how I’m doing. Talkin’ about a great friend!

Today, I came across this nice place in Milano on Pinterest (hey, follow me!) and I instantly cheered up when I saw the bright colours. This makes me want to visit Milano (although it will be my 7th time) even more!!




Pancakes for breakfast!

(for about six pancakes)

150 grams of oatmeal
1 / 2 liter milk
3 eggs
50 grams of wheat flour
3 tablespoons butter or oil
a pinch of salt
syrup, sugar, honey or jam

Put the oats in a bowl together with the milk, and put it one night in the fridge. Beat up the eggs, flour and a pinch of salt the next morning. Add the oats and milk to the mixture. Heat a frying pan and add a little butter. Pour a big ladle of batter into the pan and fry until the pancake is golden on both sides (it takes about 3 to 5 minutes in total).
Serve with some butter, honey, syrup, sugar or jam.

Bon appétit

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