I love everything about cranberries

Their dark pinkish red color, their sweet taste, their nutrient content and antioxidant qualities ànd the fact that you can process them into many different products. Think about cranberry juice, cranberry sauce, cranberry jam and sweetened dried cranberries. The last mentioned is my winning combination together with some oatmeal and almonds during chill wintermornings.

Cranberry sauce is regarded as an indispensable part of traditional American and Canadian Thanksgiving menus, but this sauce will also rock my Christmas table here in Europe, together with some yummy deer stew.  

I always tought cranberries were cultivated from trees. But nothing is further from the truth. Cranberries grow in vineyards, like grapes, with the big difference that the vines are watered frequently during the first few weeks until roots form and new shoots grow.During the growing season, cranberry beds are not flooded, but are irrigated regularly to keep the soil moisturized. Beds are flooded again in autumn to facilitate harvest and again during the winter to protect against low temperatures.

Lately, I came across this awesome video of a Red Bull wakeskating session on a watered cranberryvineyard. What a perfect way to spend your day!


Almost Christmas!

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Winter food

This is truly my favorite time of year.

Sweet, merry & warm Christmas wishes

Christmas. Rhymes with: #kindness #sweetness #omnomnomness  & #lovage

All of this is in the smallest things around us. It is under the mistletoe or under the Christmas tree. It is in the eyes of my father & uncles who smile and laugh at the slightest joke, mostly the ones they make themselves, because that simply is what fathers and uncles do. It is in watching my sister & mom so thrilled to give me a gift they know I’ll love (& yes, I did love it).  It is in my brothers’ excitement as they open their Christmas presents before the actual day (how else do they always know what is in the present when they open it in front of us all, hmm…I wonder). It is my grandma’s (awful but funny) singing as she hears a nice song on the radio. It is everywhere.

Till about one hour ago, all you could hear was the whirling of the mixers and the timers going off in our kitchen. These sounds were accompanied with the delicious smells of sweet treats lofting in the air. I am proud to present you: Apple Crumble made with La mère Poulards galettes du Mont Saint Michel, Chocolate Cupcakes with a Vanilla Frosting and last but not least an Oreo Cheesecake.

You think that’s a lot? Well, that’s only the part my mom, sister and I made. The other sweets, pies & cakes are made by the rest of my family as we will celebrate Christmas for the second time tomorrow, with 27 lovely people. I’m already looking forward to it!

Just letting you know: In our family, Christmas is a synonym to “eat, drink and talk” a lot. I hope it is also like that for all of you.

Merry Christmas, from my heart to yours,

with love,



(P.S.: my dad just made me a yummeh ice cream & now we’re going to watch Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, how Christmas is that?)

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