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Totally my cup of…well…coffee!

If you’re into your coffee, then this really is the short film for you. Beautifully created by visual entertainment company Thrash Lab, the 12-minute video focusses on demonstrating how the magic happens every step of the way and what it takes to create the perfect cup.

In this episode of Subculture Club, Thrash Lab gives you an inside look at three of their favorite specialty coffee companies. They start off at the roasting plant for LAMILL Coffee, then visit the Oakland headquarters and cupping room for Blue Bottle Coffee Co. and then take you back to the roasting works at Handsome Coffee in downtown Los Angeles.

The things that happen in a coffee house are really magical! Watch and see how the taste, the look, the smell, the pour, the perfect cup and the traditional drinking experience of coffee is created by some of the experts in the business.


Diva city trippin’: Budapest


My sister @jasminadekrem and I are going to Budapest to relax and to try out the huge amount of coffee bars they happen to have over there.

Looking forward! (:


Look what I got!

My very own write-it-yourself coffeebible for (home)baristas, coffee lovers or geeks. In the near future, I will write down al my sensory experience and objective observations of my favorite (and new!) coffee spots. You can buy this Coffeespot booklet (which is made by @nottooarty) here.

When in Italy, act like the Italians. Part 2: making coffee

The days when coffee was just “coffee” are fortunately long long gone. Today, a cup of coffee deserves as much appreciation as a glass of wine or a fine meal. It would also be hard to think of Italy without thinking of coffee. After all it is the national breakfast and the home to coffee drinks.

No, coffee was not invented in Italy, but coffee culture as we know did originate there. Legend has it that a young shepherd in Abyssinia (the former Ethiopia), named Kaldi, noticed that his goats grazed near shrubs that produced bright red berries. The goats loved to eat them, but straight away, they would become livelier and friskier than usual. Intrigued, the shepherd decided to chew the berries himself and he immediately felt full of strength and forgot his fatigue. A passing monk from a nearby monastery asked the shepherd about his exceptional state and got a handful of berries in response. The monk tried them and felt so alert that he used them to stay awake until dawn the next day, perfectly concentrated during his night prayers. The magic beans would spread across all of Arabia since that day…

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Why Do Donuts Have Holes?

If you are a truly devoted donut lover, it’s likely that this doughy dilemma has come up in your mindSo, why do donuts have holes? Turns out, there are a few tales out there! Let’s discover them together, shall we?

At least three versions of the story involve a certain Mr. Hanson Gregory, who was a captain. This is one of them:

…it remained for an old New England Sea captain, one Hanson Gregory, to introduce the hole in the donut, as we know it today. As an old man he liked to tell his story many times–how as a boy he had been watching his mother frying donuts and had noticed that the centers always remained partially uncooked and doughy. “Mother”, he said, “leave a hole in the center.” Laughingly, she obliged him and never went back to the old way. Her method was widely copied.

So, in short, the consistency of a donut lacking a hole would be, quite simply, doughy. But some say that the Pennsylvania Dutch were responsible for making the first holey donuts, cutting the centers to ensure even frying and easier dunking. There is also a more outlandish story behind the donut hole: “An Indian’s arrow, aimed at a housewife, pierced a round of fried cake”. Unlucky, the article I read did not back this up with any evidence.

Oh, and finally, what of the dough from the middle? Interestingly, those little donut dots aren’t necessarily cut from the same dough as the donut itself: “commercially made ring donuts are not made by cutting out the central portion of the cake but by dropping a ring of dough into hot oil. However, soon after ring donuts became popular, donut sellers began to see the opportunity to market the “holes” as if they were the portions cut out to make the ring.”

To this day, donuts (in any shape or form) remain married in our minds to coffee, police officers and Homer Simpson.

And…they are here to stay.


Omdat de inspiratie tijdens de examens altijd kilometers hoger ligt dan tijdens de andere 7 maanden, besloot ik me achter mijn bureautje te zetten (ik ben het ondertussen toch al gewoon dus zo’n grote moeite was dat niet) en in mijn pen, of eerder gezegd, toetsenbord te kruipen…

Tijdens de examens hou ik wel van een vast stramien: opstaan om 8 uur, fokkietje drinken, boterhammeke eten, luisteren naar Tomas&Linde op StuBru, me wassen en me tenslotte begeven naar mijn bureautje om te beginnen blokken.

De fokkie druipt hier iedere ochtend gewillig uit mijn fantastisch Senseo koffieapparaat. Echt geweldig, 1 druk op de knop en hup, een half minuutje later staat er een lekker kopje koffie voor je neus. (Het ruikt hier..naar Douwe Egberts…mmm…aaah!)

Tijdens de blok hebben Jasmina (mijn tweelingzus) en ik besloten om ons volledig te storten op series bekijken eenmaal de avond gevallen is (lees rond 22 uur), kwestie van toch een beetje te ontspannen. De boog mag namelijk niet altijd gespannen staan in de examens, want voor je het weet breekt die boog, en dat wil je écht niet meemaken…

Soit, series dus. We zijn momenteel verslaafd aan How I Met Your Mother (its gonna be legen…wait for it…dary!) en Supernatural (de goodlooking Winchester brothers zitten daar ook wel voor iets tussen). Echt ge-wel-di-ge series.

Alhoewel,… Supernatural maakt dat ik soms wel héél erg raar droom, over… Senseo koffieapparaten.

JAWEL! Ik droomde dat er een gigantische Senseo hete melk aan het spuiten was in mijn slaapkamer (vreselijk griezelig, ik hoop dat er nooit een Senseo op de markt komt die ook een apart melkvakje heeft..brr). In mijn droom vroeg ik blijkbaar echt aan mijn zus of dat melk was naast ons bed. “Melk?” vroeg ze…”neen hoor, hier staat een glas water”…”aah ok, dan zal ik het gedroomd hebben”…

De volgende ochtend, toen de koffie gezellig aan het doorlopen was herinnerde ik me plots mijn droom terug..ik heb 2 dagen geen koffie meer gedronken, ik vertrouw die machine voor geen haar meer.

Ondertussen zijn Senseo en ik terug goede maatjes geworden. Alle ruzies zijn bijgelegd, zand erover, dat soort shit. We hebben elkaar namelijk nodig, …tzijn examens voor iets hé!


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