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I moustache you a question but I’ll shave it for later

Movember (the month formerly known as November) is a yearly moustache growing charity event, held during November, that raises funds and awareness for men’s health issues. Movember moustaches were first grown in Australia back in 2003 and since that time word of Movember and its men’s health messages have spread across the globe. Since the beginning of November, tons of men were turned into Mo Bros. Along the way, they raised awareness and funds for men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer.

But not only men could raise awareness, also Belgian women were turned into Mo Sistas. Ghent based arty girl @Sstrid came up with a clever idea during Movember. She photographed each day women with a ‘Mo’ (slang for moustache) for her #Snorrewijven project, ’cause not only men can grow moustaches. Mo’gnificent. Check out the cappuccino milk foam mo’s that Jasmina & I created at Wasbar. You can find all the pictures of the Mo Sistas here.

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Say Something

What would you like to do before you die?
Say Something is a new city-project by an anonymous Ghent based person. He or she wants to create an open discussion among the Ghent-population. The open questions are on the posters, the dialogue depends on the different responses of the participants.

How does it work?
When you see a poster of Say Something in the streets of Ghent, you can answer the question by SMS or email. The most remarkable answers are posted on the Facebook page. That’s where I found this picture (and the one of Budapest which I posted a few weeks ago). I’m love love loving these new creative projects in this vibrant city.

I think I’ll put coconut-pineapple bowling on my to-do-list for this summer.
What a wonderful waste of time ^^



Yesterday evening, I went to my second Twunch.
Uhm, scusi?
A what?

Actually, a Twunch is a lunch together with people which are on Twitter. There are people you know and, of course, people you don’t know or of which you only know their Twitter name. A fun part of the concept, besides the food that is.

Yesterday evening, I went to a Twunch organized by Sony Music Belgium at Bar Buro, a temporary hotspot situated in Ghent. It turned out to be an exclusive pre listening to Miike Snows new album: Happy To You. I really like the first single “Paddling Out”, but also the rest of the album sounds very promising. Check it out here

While listening, we got some gooood nomz (salmon with rucola and chocolate sprinkels and a delicious moelleux au chocolat, as Bar Buro serves Chocolate Bar Quetzals’ chocolate products) and drinks.

Looking forward to my next Twunch! (:

Snow is here

The view when I looked outside this morning. #lovage

OR, liquid black gold

OR Espressobar (Koffiebranderij Or) is besides a place where you can drink really (really!) good coffee, also a very pleasant place to sit and watch the people passing by. The interior, with wood and beige tones, is cozy and makes you want to stay. Even if you’re alone and you’ve forgotten your book, you can choose from the wide range of magazines or newspapers to keep you busy.  There is also a wide selection of cakes, in collaboration with Julie’s House, probably one of the best pastry shops in town. (Delicious!) Morning people can go to OR from half past seven, to take their caffeine shot on the way to work. Also important is that the waiters are very friendly.

I visited this brand new Espressobar (which is situated in Walpoortstraat 26, Ghent) last Wednesday with my sister and two friends, all coffee-lovers. Three years ago, one those friends used to live around the corner of this bar, so he was quite disappointed that he no longer lives there.

I tried the Nutty Latte, as I  a.d.o.r.e.  latte’s! (made by @Benjaminvs , it was delightful!)

Like London in the mad ’90// TLP

Charlatan, Ghent, 4 november 2010

Night of the Adeaters 5/11/2010

The cream of advertising

Yesterday evening/night, I went to the Night of the Adeaters. (Thanks to a contest from @Cuttingedge on Twitter, I won a ticket). This night is created and produced by Jean Marie Boursicot since 1981. The Night of the AdEaters is a show that now runs in more that 40 countries worldwide dedicated to showing the production of advertising among 60 different nationalities on the Big Screen! It’s the opportunity to fling open a window on the world and for six hours to get a taste of what Russian, Asian, African, and South American advertisers serve up.

The Night of the Ad Eaters is cinema and, of course, a show, but it’s also a testimony to our era, based on a language shared by all. With advertising you don’t need subtitles. The message is sufficiently brief and dense to be understood by everyone, transcending linguistic and cultural differences. Every year, all around the world, 300,000 enthusiasts meet-up to unreservedly celebrate the “Publivore cult”, in a friendly, convivial and fun atmosphere, enjoying each and every advert or singing along to the best-known jingles.

More than 100 cities throughout the world sign on to the tour annually, from Tokyo to Paris, including as well Moscow, Santiago de Chile, Mexico City, Hong Kong or Geneva. International, exotic, even historic in flavor (going from 1898 to the present), the offering translates the vitality and the trends from the different parts of the world of advertising. No censorship is involved: alcohol, tobacco and sex are present. Top actors are involved as well as Top level athletes.

I’m so glad I attended the show. ^^

Back to Ghent!

LovelyGhent .

It’s the last week of my 3-month-long summer holiday and I must admit that I’m kinda excited about the new academic year. The Banaba International Business Management (sounds good, doesn’t it?) is this year’s brand new challenge for me. A new school, new people, new teachers and a lot of new subjects to learn about. I really wanted to study another year cuz I’m a bit of a studious person, I just like to learn new stuff (such as marketing and languages.) and there’s nothing wrong with that, is it?

I’m also looking forward to the fact that I’ll be spending more time again in Ghent. LovelyGhent, as I like to call my favourite Belgian city. My sister and I went to Ghent today to clean up the apartment, and just being there (although I was cleaning) made me feel so happy. We also went to Fnac (one of my favourite shops, I can spend hours overthere and not getting bored at all). We bought some new books as we are planning to buy some bookshelfs for the living room, to make it a bit more homely.  One of the books I bought is Held en Merk (that’s Hero Brand in English), written by Guillaume Van der Stighelen (one of the co-founders of Duval-Guillaume, a Belgian  idea-centric communications agency.) I started reading the first chapter at Hema while I was sipping from a delicious Hazelnutcoffee and eating a chocolate brownie. Yummèh.

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